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Nigerian News

World Health Organisation declares Nigeria Ebola-free

The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced today that, after six weeks with no new cases, Nigeria has officially been declared free of Ebola. Speaking......more

Nigerian News

  • Four Nigerians in the UK jailed for 14 years for duping women of over £350,000 in an on online dating scam...more

  • Nigerian Federal Government plans to privatise federal airports soon...more

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Ebola Trial Drugs Raise Anxiety Crisis For Exponential Spread

Alarms at Ebola first diagnosis in USA raise more ethical questions about who gets experimental drugs and where to dispense limited supply in case anything goes wrong. There are histories of humans used as guinea pigs in the past. Best of intentions cannot erase retrospective mistakes. Dr. Frieden Director, Center for Disease Control assured everyone: if densely populated Lagos State can successfully......more
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