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Nigerian News

Central Bank of Nigeria devalues the Naira. Naira hits N185/$ in the black market

After reports of the Naira slipping 10 percent this year, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has decided to devalue the Naira against the dollar to stem......more

Nigerian News

  • Nigeria’s foreign reserves drop by $2bn in one month to five-month low of $37.1bn...more

  • President Goodluck Jonathan launches fourth batch of YouWin Venture Capital Fund for aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs...more

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State Of The Nation: Chief Of Defense/Army Staff And Their Men Of Shame?

To say the least, the curious frequency with which some commanders and their troops run away from the battlefield and abandon their weapons to the Boko Haram terrorists has become a national embarrassment. Moreso when it is now becoming clearer that these soldiers flee not because they were poorly equipped as we were made to believe in the past. Politics aside, the military high command particularly......more
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