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Nigerian News

How to Vote in The Upcoming Elections in Nigeria

After being postponed from February, 14 2015 to March, 27 2015, finally Nigeria's election day is going to take place on March, 28 2015. Voters......more

Nigerian News

  • Federal government launches $200 million Nigerian Business Development Services fund for SME's...more

  • Second round of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund to awards grants of up to $1.5m for business ideas across Africa...more

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Countdown to March 28th, and averting the casualties

The casualties are not only those who are dead; They are well out of it. --The Casualties by John Pepper Clark Last week a friend asked me, "sir, what are your thoughts on the March 28th elections" and below are my thoughts. I would take us into John Pepper Clark's The Casualties. The poem written in the 60's was one of those poems we had to learn off heart and recite in literature......more
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