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Nigerian News

Ministry of Foreign Affairs establishes Nigeria Diaspora desk to to compile a comprehensive database of the Nigerian Diaspora

Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has established a desk dedicated to Nigerians in the diaspora at its Abuja offices. The desk aims to compile a comprehensive......more

Nigerian News

  • USAID and Western Union launch third round of African Diaspora Marketplace for African entrepreneurs...more

  • Australia issues ban on travellers from West African countries affected by Ebola...more

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Looking for Nigeria's Sesame Street

Interestingly my admonition this week is not exactly about Gowon, but about the Gowonian era, and for those that think it is just about the 60's, 70's and the good old days, âwhen the problem was not the money but how to spend itâ, let me state that it is not, it is about the recent good days, the days of Sesame street. And talking Sesame Street, it is a long-running American children's television......more
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