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Bill to end Higher National Diploma discrimination, in Nigeria, passes second reading in the Senate

A bill for an Act to "Abolish and Prohibit Dichotomy and Discrimination between First Degrees and Higher National Diploma" in the same Profession/Field......more

Nigerian News

  • Rwanda begins Ebola screening for American and Spanish travellers...more

  • World Health Organisation declares Nigeria Ebola-free...more

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If Nigerians can, so can Americans conquer Ebola Hysteria

Americans stand more chances of dying from Flu, Avian or Enterovirus and even lightning than from Ebola. The fear is few might die from the public anxiety of Ebola than from the disease as Duncan's U.S family proved healthy after 21 days quarantine. The risks are to close families and healthcare workers. Ebola has developed Avian virus flying wings in U.S.A political campaign far more than in Nigeria......more
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