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Nigerian News

House of Representatives passes a bill to establish the Nigerian Diaspora Commission

Nigeria's House of Representatives has passed a bill that establishes the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission. The bill, which has been in the House for......more

Nigerian News

  • Lagos, Abuja, Rivers and nine other states in Nigeria account for 70% of HIV cases...more

  • Federal Government of Nigeria address confusion over start date for implementing new levies and tariffs for imported cars....more

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Only authorized home health care for Ebola

Reality in the field demonstrated that hospital beds are full and care givers are so overwhelmed that patients are being turned away in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Many families have no place to take those struck by Ebola virus. Some have been abandoned on the streets and places where their bodies posed greater risk and might likely infect others. This is why cremation of dead bodies is a public......more
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