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  1. About Us
  2. How We Work

How We Work

Reach, Engage & Understand

Our portfolio of Nigeria-focused assets enable us offer platforms that attract our desired audiences and allow businesses reach and engage with these audiences in a manner that is unobtrusive and efficient. Combining our services and operations with our assets, we aggregate information about consumers in Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora and get better insight into their interests and preferences.

We also collect, organize, manage and connect data which lets us help businesses target profitable prospects, develop insight into their customers, and drive effective marketing programs. Our databases provide thousands of data points and modeling options that allow businesses refine their understanding of customersí behaviors and preferences.

How We Work

We leverage insights gained from user interactions with our activities and portfolio of Nigeria-focused assets to bring businesses, brands and customers in Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora closer together.

Population of Nigeria


Largest economy in Africa.

Internet Users in Nigeria


55% of Nigerians currently have access to the Internet

Nigerian Diaspora


An important source of money, markets and skills for Nigeria

Who We Reach


We effectively reach Nigerians at home and overseas

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