Twelve Romantic And Inexpensive Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is a very special day to express love. In case you do not consider Feb14 a special day, your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend might and it is important to compromise and make this day memorable for them. You do not have to break the bank or go overboard, putting in a little extra effort for someone you love will mean so much to them. Here are some useful Valentine's Day date ideas. You can either pick one of them, combine them if you want to or make adjustments in order to create the perfect fun-filled Valentine's day you both will remember. 

1. Watch a romantic movie

You can either go to the cinema or watch a romantic movie at home, it all depends on what you both prefer. Pick a movie you know your partner has been talking about, you can spice things up by buying chocolate, snacks, popcorn, wine, etc if you decide to watch the movie in the comfort of your home. If you feel that watching a movie in the cinema is a better option, click here to find cinemas.

2. Home-cooked meal

You can make a home cooked meal for your partner of their favorite food or both of you can cook this meal together. Things are always heated up in the kitchen and you can also have fun with this by making jokes while you're at it. If you prefer to cook the meal yourself to surprise them, start searching for good recipes for a romantic dinner for two. Cooking for someone you love can be a big turn on and you can make a good meal without spending a lot of money. 

3. Cakes and flower

You can buy a cake for someone you love to express love. You can have it delivered or you can take it to them yourself to make it more romantic. Also, you can inscribe sweet cute things on the cake like "my love" or "love you forever" to tell them how much they mean to you. Here are a few places to get cakes.

To spice things up, send them flowers too! Valentine's Day is not only for people in relationships but also for friends, family and anyone you care about. So many people will treasure flowers for Valentine's Day. Different flowers can send different meanings so make sure you pick the one that is best for who you're sending it to. Here are a few places to get the perfect flowers

4. Go somewhere new or try something different

You should explore with your significant other especially on days like Valentine's Day. Go somewhere new, try different new exciting things. Drop the old usual everyday date routine and do something different. This will be fun-filled and memorable. For example, if you always stay at home every Valentine's Day date, you can switch things up by going to a restaurant for dinner or spending the night out together. 

5. Attend a comedy show or watch funny videos

If you do not want to stay at home all night, you can spend the night out attending a comedy show. It can be a local bar or you can download comedy skits or buy CDs and laugh the night away. You can also buy their favourite wine to make it more fun. 

6. Book a hotel

If you're married and you want to spend quality time with your partner, you can book a hotel somewhere based on what you can afford. Buy champagne and just enjoy the time with your partner with no distractions whatsoever. You can also place flowers on the bed and try as much as possible to make it memorable. Here are a few hotels that will be perfect for that Valentine's Day date 

7. Gifts

Giving someone you care about a gift can mean so much to them. Gifts can come in form of getting something they have always wanted or it can come in form of a gesture. Show your affections and love with something unique and special.

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8. A trip down memory lane

You can take a trip down memory lane by visiting the place you both met or where you had your first date. This is very good for couples that have been together for a long time or that are married. You can talk about your favourite memories together, bring out photos or talk about your wedding day. You will be surprised about what will pop up, it might include things you thought were insignificant. You can also express love for each other by talking about what you love the most about each other. 

9. A relaxed spa day

Everyone loves to be pampered in a relaxing atmosphere. You can book a couples massage, have a manicure/pedicure or any other treatment of your choice. Click here to book a spa day and enjoy the ultimate relaxation with that special person. Coco's Spa by SWE

10. Travel

This will require planning in advance and will be a bit costly but if you can afford this, you can travel with your partner to a place they've been talking about or you can go to a nearby country. There are a few numbers of good locations you both can spend quality time together. 

11. Fun date with other couples

You can plan a fun date night with other couples, it can be an intimate party with your best friend, close friends or family member. You can all play board games and video games together, make food together, buy drinks and hang out in someone's place with other couples. This is good for new couples who have no idea what to do or if you didn't make any plan at all. Also, you can always retire early and still spend alone time with your partner if you wish.

12. Family dinner

Valentine's Day is not just about couples. It can also be about family, kids and also your friends. Plan a family dinner and invite everyone to come around. You can also exchange gifts, talk about old times and watch a movie together.

Even if your partner does not see how much of a big deal Valentine's Day is, you can pick one of these ideas to show how romantic you are. It doesn't have to be a big deal, this is just a chance to show how much you care about them and how much you love them.

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