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Are Ghanian Stars Taking Over Nollywood?
Author: kim | October 27, 2008
I believe am not the only one who has noticed new faces starring in Nigerian films. Stars from our neighboring country Ghana, have invaded the movie industry... (5) Comment



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obamaman    aberdeen, scotland    January 25, 2009
if ghana actors are taking over and so F*** what? we should not look at nationality but performance and dedication. Brien won Big brother UK yet he was a was UK citizens that voted for him over and above other white Uk roommates. The jews run America. Are u guys nuts???? this the same reason some idiots in south africa killed many fellow africans (Zimbabweans) for simply migrating to southafrica.

shame on the divisive nature of some of our people. if anyone that is good , whether from nigeria or ghana i say let him/her shine like a thousand stars!!!!
ngosa    Pittsburgh, USA    October 29, 2008
I really think the Ghanians are coming out better than you guys cause you have allowed your producers to produce movies which are unlike the old better movies which were accepted world wide.

The movies being produced are obscene and boring, so the better people to take this parts would be Ghanians . If I were you as an actor I would go back to the past. and change th system.
Ebeneze    everett, Washington, USA    October 29, 2008
Why are we dwelling on nationality status, the most important thing is to come out with good production that has a message.

Lately most of the movies has no real defined meaning, it's all over the place. Producers should please do more with editing the movies professionally especially the background music interferes with the audio as if one is listening to the music rather than listening to what the characters have to say.

Americans dont want to see movies that remind them of gun violence so please cut that out.
blessing    lagos, nigeria    October 27, 2008
yes i do believe what u are saying,the industry would collaspe if care is not taken
kelechi    port harcourt, nigeria    October 27, 2008
i do not totally agree with you on the fact thet ghana stars are choosen based on their looks.the likes of jakie appiah and nadia are excellent actresses ans should be given more respect
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