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Making A Case for Mobile Data in Nigeria
Author: Yomi Adegboye | December 08, 2006
We have made little progress as a nation with respect to the accessibility of the public to internet access. Whatever progress we have made has been largely... (2) Comment



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AK. IFE    NEW YORK, U.S.A.    April 14, 2007
I Am Very Much Impressed By The Way Nigeria Is Going When It Comes To Technology. Though We Still Lagging Behind When Compared With The Developed World, Remember, Rome Was Not Built In A Day; It Is The Coalition Of Tactical Brain Work And Dedication Channeled In The Right Direction.

Many Of The Nigerian Youths Use Their Brain And Intelligence To Exploit Other People. They Want To Use The Power Of Internet To Steal Money. Tthis Is Commonly Called Yahooing! In Fact, Many Who Have The Opportunity To Travel Abroad Still Carry This Act With Them, There By Disgracing And Dragging The Immage Of Our Country Through The Mud.

I Think The Leaders Should Redirect Their Thought And Focus On The Brighter Future Of That Country, Rather Than Just Roaming In Political Island.

Our News Is Dominated By Political Activities And Violence. When Are We Going To Change. (Oye Kati Mature Ju Bayi Lo)

Our Science And Technology Should Be Giving A New Pragmatic Approach. Many Of Our So Called Engineers Are Walking Encyclopaedia. The Next Generation Should Be Thought With Much Practicals Rather Than Rote Learning.

These Things Cannot Be Achieved Until Corruption Is Crushed From Aso Rock.
Adedeji Adeleke    Cary, NC, USA    December 11, 2006
This is a very well conceived view. In addition, to the GSM view expressed in this article, I am of the opinion that existing NITEL infrastructures can also be modified / converted to provide data services to homes in form of DSL like it is done in developed countries.

I believe this, coupled with unlimited intra-state calling service, will boost subscriber base for NITEL landlines again. I have always believed that NITEL infrastructures is the easiest outlet to bridge the digital divide.

What we need is a crop of professionals who have uptodate skills on current technological trends who will explore all available means of achieving this. I am very sure there are millions of Nigerians how there who possess the skills.

I also expect this to be a hot topic issue of discuss in the ICT arena.
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