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Educated Ignorants
Author: Abdul Rasheed | June 28, 2011
There is one thing we Africans must get into our THICK SKULL; we are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the westerners and other foreigners because Africa is unique... (1) Comment



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Dapo Ogunniran    Dublin, Republic Of Ireland    June 30, 2011
Thank You Abdul Rasheed, you are an eye opener, God bless you. without educated people like me & other africans working for the white folks for less pay, their companies would have gone bursted a long time ago, but yet we are overlooked for promotion, our contributions have always been very obvious based on the the profits they are making, but their sentiments will never allow them to acknowledge it.

My cousin in the USA with masters from Howard University just left for Nigeria, a guy that was born & bred in the states, now i know why he made the decision to relocate to Nigeria, also my Nephew has also gone to Nigeria from UK, both well educated from prestigious universities, now i know that both have seen what people in Nigeria can not understand about the western world, just like Abdul Rasheed had mentioned.

We have all been brainwashed, while we think they love us, they actually joke behind us, yet our leaders and people that we look up to can't see all these, they never investigate any proposal sent to them and neither reject it, our leaders think they advises us because they see us as important, yes! we are important but in an exploitative way. the moment we repel exploitation, we begin to become their enemy, but that will be the beginning of self awareness and real independence.

Thank you all for reading this.
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