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Only Naive Folks Would Call Buhari A Saint
Author: Farouk Martins | February 25, 2015

Nigeria has found itself in an unenviable position of choosing between a prodigal son and a fanatic. Determining their degree of wastefulness and zealousness... (1) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Eldoret, KENYA    February 25, 2015
When facts are distorted, they no longer represent history. They become mere fictions. Such distortion can be observed in lot of details and over-generalisation. I make bold to write that the writer here has largely forgotten historical facts or deliberately decided to mislead Nigerians.

The facts and details lost included: (1) Only those who had cases to answer were detained by the Buhari / Idi-Agbon government. The late Mr. Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Waziri Ibrahim, etc were politicians of the time who were not detained. (2) Those detained on political grounds were accused of mismanagement of state or national funds. (3) The drift occasioned by Mr. Shagari's NPN administration was mitigated by the Buhari/Idi-Agbon government. I like to remind the writer and readers that over 1,500 lives were lost in Ondo State after the rigging of the 1983 governorship election.

Reprisal kill was being planned in some parts of Ekiti before the coming of Buhari / Idi-Agbon. (4) The War Against Indiscipline (WAI introduced by BBuhari/ Idi-Agbon brought the queue concept, environmental sanitation, etc which Nigerians still use today. Before then it was the strongest that mattered at bus stops. In Lagos, it meant big business for pick pocketers. Many business men and workers often lost their valuables while struggling to enter Molue, Danfo, etc which were popular commercial transport vehicles of the time. And many more. Time will not permit me to go further. But I advise that the writer should go back to the libraries of any university in Nigeria and read newspapers of the time.

Perhaps he would realize also that about N0.62-N0.68 exchanged for $1.0 at the time. With this type of forgetful writer, many youths will be misled. I find the write up distasteful and grossly inappropriate. God save Nigeria.
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