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Never too late!!
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | October 16, 2007
Restitution is a must for anyone who claims to have any integrity or good conscience!! When we err, we owe a duty of making restitution; an apology is... (4) Comment



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yoma jemigheye    warri, Nigeria    March 30, 2012
Great inspiration, Debbi thanks I never knew dat conscience cries louder dan voice n der4 restitution is very important inorder 2 live a blessed life. Hmm great words
ololade    lagos, nigeria    November 25, 2009
thanks for the article. pls kindly send me debbie ogunjobi's email. my email is temmy88 at
Kunle    Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria    April 26, 2009
Your article on restitution illuminated the inner recesses of my mind. Up till this moment, I was bent on levelling up with a friend by paying him back double -fold the way he had paid me. It hurts to find out that those you rely or repose confidence in would play Judas to you anytime, anyday.

Reading your piece has indeed mellowed me down.I have decided to forgive him and go ahead with my life.Inspite of the drawback however, I shall continue to wish him the best of luck.
Funke    London, United Kingdom    January 03, 2008
Thank you for this article.
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