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Author Name: Nneoma
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Last article added: Rape In Nigeria
Rape is the crime of forcing someone to have sex contrary to his or her own will,especially by using... (1) Comment

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Rape In Nigeria
Author: Nneoma | November 03, 2008

What is Rape? What causes Rape? What do you do after Rape? Rape is the crime of forcing someone to have sex contrary to his or her own will,especially by using violence. Sexual assault like rape,is thought to be to be quite prevalent in our society.The majority of victims are believed to be young women, but i have heard of rape cases reported among men, childern and even toddlers .Although the under reporting of cases makes it difficult to estimate the magnitude of the problem, more than 25% of the young women are raped on daily bases. What causes rape? Many people have come out with many different answers to this one question.Some say it is has as a result of child-hooh trauma,others say it's sheer wickedness and perversion,and some other say people become rapists because they also have been raped in the past. I think their there's no particular reason for rape. I consider it an act of immorality and temporary insanity. I once heard a story about a thirteen year old teenager who was raped on her way home.The offender said he had simply acted on his impulse,claiming he was aroused by the girls dress sense. Now tell me,who is to blame? Being a rape victim is certainly not easy to deal with. Experiencing this awful situation leaves one feeling used, ashamed and miserable. Also it takes away your self esteem and some people are actually frustrated enough to commit suicide. It is necessary for any rape victim to open up and seek help. The negative stigma associated with being a rape survivor prevents many victims from seeking medical attention. Some one who has suffered rape is exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) pregnancy and genital injuries. A thorough medical evaluation is necessary in all cases of sexual assault even if the victim has no apparent injuries or he or she feels well.

(1) Comment


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emma    lagos, nigeria    February 09, 2011
good write up. rape as to be wiped off our society.
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