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Author Name: Anthony Joseph Onoh
Number of articles: 9
The return of the Nigeria´s first lady, Patience Jonathan, from an alleged medical treatment in Germany... (2) Comment

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Nigeria: ACN VS PDP - Rascals Against Scoundrels
Author: Anthony Joseph Onoh | February 14, 2011

The recent unfortunate comment by President Jonathan implying that “the entire South-West is too important, too sophisticated and too educated to be in the hands of rascals"; alluding ACN governors as “rascals” can only be described as outrageous and unbecoming of a man who feign moderate standards for the sole purpose of clinging to power at all cost. His utterances depict the standard his entire political party had sustained in the past, especially when pushed to the wall politically. Of course, his mentor and “paterfamilias” Olusegun Obasanjo had used even more outrageous words such as “do or die” to defy his political opponents to bloody rivalry. This insanity can only be curtailed by a bold and intelligent distinction between those “rascals” (The ACN) and his “scroungers” (The PDP). Therefore, it is imperative that Nigerians should defiantly compel a radical transformation from the old Luciferan politics of the ruling party to a more civilized approach as has been proven in the so called “rascals” governed states. It is just as simple as taking a trip around Lagos, Edo, Ekiti and Osun to find the positive effects of a civilized approach to politics. Further evidence of the difference can be established through the lucid political agenda of the ACN governors. Given a choice, I would rather have the Fashola´s, Oshiomhole´s and others in Ekiti and Osun states than the likes of Alao-Akala, Theodore Orji and others from the ruling party who are continually involved in one controversy and another. Recent information circulating in the national media leaves shock and disbelief to the Nigerian public. The report of intended rituals and food poisoning just to clinch a governorship ticket is an aberration. It is typical of a “Nollywood” movie yet, it remained disturbing. Clashes and violence has become a regular practice in the PDP governed states. Re-election judicial battle has surged since the publication of the INEC list of candidates and records show a high number of PDP involvement. PDP governors have the culture of siphoning government treasuries and leaving the state revenue in ruin. State government allocations from the Federal government are continuously shared among their party elites. Becoming a PDP chairman automatically qualifies you to a certain proportion of the stolen state, local and community funds. I can give names of local PDP chairmen who are currently building hotels and riding expensive cars. They became rich overnight and terrorize their families and communities with their ill-gotten wealth. President Jonathan should know that Nigerians are not stupid. We are watching how things are unfolding in these recent times. It is unfortunate that instead of disassociating himself from his corrupt colleagues, he chose to give lesson of morality to the people of South-Western Nigeria. Instead of condemning the atrocious acts of his political families who can boldly shoot and kill a prominent party delegate in a public place with impunity, he has chosen to demean our intellectual endowment by using such a bad political reference such as Southwest Nigeria. Instead of investigating issues related to public safety in places where rumors and threats of rituals are mentioned, he chose to attack the civility opposition controlled states. I think he knows how wrong his choice of battle has become. His actions depict the usual arrogance, a standard that had guided PDP since its inception, yet his was more of an amateur. The sophistication of the urban transformation in Lagos and the conspicuous accountability in Edo cannot be equaled with the search for 200 kids (for rituals) in Oyo and the illegal enrichment of party officials in Enugu. Perhaps we should mention the kidnapping in Abia state and the continuous religious unrest in Jos. I recorded that President Jonathan was quick to dismiss the services of the emblematic IG of Police Sir Ogbonnaya Onovo citing his incapacity to quell crime in many parts of the country. Yet the motive behind his inconceivable decision was none but Onovo´s disposition to ensure a free and fair election. Crime rate across the country has surged and the new IGP, an honorable gentleman, has toiled with the resources available to him just to achieve nothing. President Jonathan is running a party with batches of self-destructive men and women who conscientiously subject Nigeria to a disgraceful presence. The record of corruption among public office holders has become unimaginable. And, undoubtedly, the international perception of Nigeria officials remained despicable. A clear example is the political situation in Ivory Coast where no credible Nigerian official was found to lead a negotiated solution between the aggrieved parties. It was shameful but they probably do not care. Nigerians should look at the coming election as an opportunity to exercise their inalienable rights as will be expressed in the polls. We should as well be prepared to thread the path of the Tunisian or Egyptian precedence in popular uprising. It is very clear that our military has increasingly modernized and enlightened, so it is unlikely that they will shoot at the civilians they also vowed to protect with their own lives. We also can and we sincerely hope that this coming election will be free and fair otherwise we know what to do. President Jonathan has an opportunity to reject the “old ways” and embrace the light of a new dawn; the light of a new generational politician which he vigorously but falsely portends. The recent appointment of Mrs Bianca Ojukwu cannot provide the necessary face-lift aimed at convincing the public of their perfidious gimmick. Nigerians can quickly discern this antiquated political move, wrapped as an innocuous political substance yet, a rehash of 2007 electoral game plan which saw the emergence of a sick Yaradua destined to fail. The systematic removal of Dr Okwy Nwodo and others who sought to reform PDP signals the restoration of the party cabals at the helm of their affairs. A deceptive plan, willfully devised to ensure political victory at all cost. Careful, buddies. Time is changing and Nigeria is also evolving around it. If President Jonathan wishes to unseat the so called “rascals”, he would have to provide a better alternative. Otherwise, he should intelligently focus on the ball-breakers in his party threatening cohesion in their own domain. A piece of advice in the words of Martin luther King for Mr. President, “nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. PDP seem completely and sincerely ignorant of the rapid social changes in Nigeria and perhaps, conscientiously stupid to think that we are ignorant too.

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Taslim Elewe    Lagos, Nigeria    March 02, 2011
It is no longer news that GEJ is unreliable. "We the people" of Nigeria like deceipt. Here is a man who signed an agreement with his party and later denied it. I can forsee his desperation leading us into 'Ivory Coast type' quagmire.
John Egbo    Madrid, Spain    February 14, 2011
We should ignore name calling and a glance to the past but focus on the present. The fact remains that Jonathan Goodluck is not a reliable person. One good example is how he thrashed Gov. Chime and Gbenga Daniel who helped stir things for his party nomination.

The author is right. PDP has produced the worst financial criminals than the over 30 years rule of the Hausa Fulani's. I am glad that some will still acknowledge the implication of Obasanjo in all these mess. He has single handedly ruined PDP just to remain the sole power breaker. Besides being unreliable, Jonathan is anti-Igbos and a cancer that will kill any little chances of an Igbo President in Nigeria. This man is not an Igbo yet he parades himself as one.

He decieves people with his multiple middle names Ebele, Azikiwe etc. This PDP is a representation of the Free-Masonary in the government of Nigeria. From Obasanjo to the list man there are Ogboni's. That is why the rumour of rituals with 200 people sounds like a market joke to their ears. Nigeria can only be good when we chase PDP out from power. Ribadu remains the best choice.
Edwiin Etim    Berlin, Germany    February 13, 2011
The wicked irony here is that the ACN has as its flagbearer ,a rascal ,a scoundrel and
an erstwhile PDP bogeyman,Mallam Ribadu.This riffraff was used by Chief Obasanjo
to stifle any call for a reform within the party.OBJ used Ribadu as his bogeyman against
his political foes real or imagined.
Besides, he is an Hausa-Fulani muslim.He and his people take Nigeria for their fiefdom.
They believe that they are born to govern this country.Their 38 years of misgovernance
ruined this country .We people from the South-South will not vote for Ribadu and that
goes for our Igbo cousins in the South-East,who see him as an Igbophobe.
Claudia    Lodz, Poland    February 12, 2011
Hi folks, Nigerian election should be free and fair or else we will take to the streets to unseat this pdp nuissance. I can'nt understand the need for a bunch of irresponsible fellows governing Nigeria like big corporation.

These men and women are so united in this dubious act shield in secrecy like some sects.
I am glad about the kind of awareness raised by this authour. We should understand that only one family has been ruling Nigeria since its second republic, and that family is Obasanjo's
I know that if this election is free and fair, pdp will be chased out from power. let us do something and most of all, be ready to do something more about it.
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