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Nigeria: The gods are to blame
Author: Wakdok,Samuel Stephen | January 05, 2012

When Ola Rotimi wrote his famous play "The gods are not to blame", it may have been premised on the fact that human beings were human and would take responsibility for their actions. In Nigeria today, some human beings are no longer human. When the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, he told them that they would be like God if they ate. Nigerian government officials have greed as their apple and once they got corrupted with money and power, they become gods. Name them from the President to his ministers, his advisers to his apologists, they now play gods and as such they are to blame. If the masses of this country get annihilated by this very unpopular fuel subsidy removal, if Nigerians get killed in the process of demonstrating and resisting this IMF script directed by World Bankâs Ngozi Okonjo Iwela and produced by Nigeriaâs Goodluck Jonathan as narrated by Labaran Maku, we know where to place the blood of innocent Nigerians. A female god born with golden spoon who once cried(in pretext) without solving the road problem is now a god who expects us to trust her in deregulating fuel importation, what happens to local production which ought to have shielded us from the volatility of the international oil market? If OPEC is a cartel which colludes to influence world oil price, what stops this local cabal turned cartel from colluding to influence supply and prices in a deregulated market which doesnât have alternatives? The developed West subsidize oil in their countries by spending billions of dollars to prosecute wars in oil producing countries to ensure cheap and secured supply of oil, those same Western imperialists are now directing our clueless officials from behind the scene. How on earth will you explain government's ineffectiveness in tackling a so called cabal who constitute a minute fraction of the populace but that same government is bold and strong enough to take on the whole angry Nigerians. They have bullets and barrels of the gun to aim at us, but they lack the stamina to clean the corruption in the oil sector. Hitherto thought of sane human beings who once opposed government/World Bank anti people policies have now been inducted into the hall of gods and once their prices were named, they turned around to sing like canaries in support of fuel deregulation. They hopelessly compare deregulation in the communication with that of fuel. Of course it is their right, they have the right to change their ideologies, and they have the right to support the cause they want. We too have our rights, we have the right to refuse what we know is a calculated attempt to enslave us and enrich the pocket of those who caused us to be in this quagmire in the first place. We have the right to tell these gods a big NO! There is nothing wrong with deregulation, but there is everything wrong with deregulation that negatively affects the generality of Nigerians who are suffering and battling to survive the oddities of life. There is everything wrong with deregulating before fixing the problem, there is everything wrong with a few gods feeding fat on the common wealth of the people while expecting the people to make more sacrifices to guarantee the ostentatious life style of a few who have become gods. Look at the government officials, their cronies and the number of cars in their entourages called convoy, all these are fuelled from the coffers of the government. The gods want the ordinary man dead, and as such they gods will stop at nothing to make life unbearable. While the people suffer, these gods budget hundreds of millions of naira for their food, billions of naira for foreign trips and trillions of naira for corruption. The economics of deregulation is not as simple as the capitalists want us to believe. They preach free market economy on paper but they live on government subsidy in every aspect of their lives. They drive in government cars fuelled by government money, they live in government houses or houses paid by government, and they are flown to foreign hospitals on government bills while leaving our hospitals to decay. The gods send their âgoddlinsâ to school abroad after wrecking our educational institutions with underfunding. Suddenly, a man who was made by the people, whose cause to be made an acting president was championed by the people, a man who was the reason for the death of hundreds of Nigerians including serving corps members; that man has become a god. Propped by the female god from the World Bank and other gods who have always fed on the masses, these gods without successfully concluding their consultations or dialogue went ahead to unilaterally pursue the script that is aimed at finally crippling the masses. If the policy is such a good move, why is it a hard sell? And if the argument is that they usually borrow to subsidize fuel; which they can no longer sustain, where then will they raise money for the subsidy re-investment program? Will the gods also borrow to reinvest? Already they have set up a very bogus committee to administer the funds, another avenue to enrich the gods and rehabilitate the old ones. How independent are commissions or committees in Nigeria? Is the EFCC not independent; how were Ribadu and Waziri booted out of office? These gods must not be allowed to make us fools, these gods will be blamed for any chaos that breaks out in the land, and the gods must be stopped before it is too late. Despite the peopleâs refusal of this obnoxious policy, we are hoodwinked by a ruling class which has consistently failed Nigerians since Structural adjustment program began in the mid 1980s. We rise to tell these gods that we cannot be taken for a ride. Whatever happens to us and our country these gods are to blame, and these gods will surely not escape the wrath of men and women of Nigeria.

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