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Author Name: Suleiman Nasiru
Number of articles: 76
Last article added: Is N5,000 Stipend Politicised?

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Northern Nigeria is bankrupt of leadership
Author: Suleiman Nasiru | April 04, 2012

The project called Nigeria has never been this challenged in the history of her existence, the present skirmishes in the country is bigger than any trouble the country had passed through in the past, even the civil war experienced in the country is just a little bit worse compared to what we are passing through now, the present challenges is threatening our togetherness and with the way things are going if nothing drastic is done, we will be heading to a very bad end of terminating the contract call Nigeria. Despite the damage during the civil, at least we were able to come together as one entity again after the war. But the present day challenge is taking another dimension and left everyone in a state of confusion, everybody is confused nobody seems to understand the recent trend, except those perpetuating the act and their alleged collaborators who even the president said they are part of his government. The activities of Boko Haram cannot be likened to any of the insurgent group in Nigeria as their modus oprandi does not even in anyway look alike, even though all the insurgent groups ranging from Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) and other militant groups in the Niger Delta Region and other parts of the country are involved in causing a number of unrest, which has led to the loss of lives and property worth billions of naira, destruction of oil installation, bank robbery, killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians which has also cause the country a number of foreign investments. It has also given us a bad name as we are being seen as a terrorist country, even though American government had delisted Nigerian in that list, nevertheless terror still prevail in our country. And because terror still reign supreme in Nigeria that is why we are making this passionate call to end these incessant killings and indiscriminate bombing of places of worships, security establishment, government property and other private businesses. In fact the recent trend in Maiduguri, is that primary and secondary schools of both government and private individual is the target and many schools had suffered in the hand of Boko Haram sects and more schools are expected to suffer from this senseless and meaningless attacks. It is no news that the worse hit of all these crises is the northern Nigeria, little wonder a number of conferences seeking for peace taking place here and there and one will want to pray that all these gathering will be able to proffer solutions to the many problems bedeviling the north and Nigeria at large, which has culminated into this present mess, certainly Boko Haram is not part of Northern culture, the activities of the sects negate what Islam is preaching, yet the group still claimed they are killing in the name of Allah. Is this not enough reasons for northern leaders and Muslims clerics to rise against this evil and condemned it in totality, many will say they are doing so, but I want to tell you that they are not doing enough and more is required to be done. Most of the things we see and read in the media are mere attempt to justify the evil act of the group, which I saw prominent Nigerians doing. No doubt the north is poor and one can hardly explain why it is so, because out of the 50-52 years of Nigeria as an independent nation, the north has ruled for about 38 years and key positions in the land were occupied by most northerners and one would have expected that the opportunity gotten then, if those leaders then make good use of it, the north will not be faced with this mess, but because our leaders are self-seeking individuals who put themselves first to the detriment of the generality, we are face with the present situation. I read in one of the national dailies quoting a foreign tabloid where the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria trying to make case for his region and saying the insurgency of the boko haram can be traced to the lopsidedness of the derivation formula existing in the country, the first question that came to my mind was the little funds given to these governors, what were they able to do with it. Honestly I think they did close to nothing, but let not go there and let talk of the present problem in our country, which I have said severally that leadership is the main problem and if the leadership problems in our country is not solved, more of these troubles await us. In the past the north is seen as the coordinator of the project call Nigeria. In fact it was believed and many still want us to believed that for any leader to get to the most coveted seat in the country, the north must play a prominent role in attaining such objective. Yes it was like that in the past, but now, I don’t think so, I find it difficult to believe that the north is still that strong and posses such influenced in today’s Nigeria. Many have lost confidence in the region as the kind of quality leadership style of the legendary Sir Ahmadu Bello is lacking in present day leaders. Sardauna of Sokoto was able to bring the north together and make the region one big indivisible nation, but when these crops of leaders came, they destroyed all what the epitome of leadership Sardauna Sokoto did. The north is divided against itself, the present leaders in the north lack the charisma and courage to lead the region to the promise land, their ineptitude came to bare when as a result of poor politicking and lack of tactics to woo supporters to themselves these men introduced “political sharia legal system” and the introduction of this system further split the north against itself, those introducing this system failed to understand the fact that the north is made up of people from diverse culture and with different religion background, and they fail to orientate the people before the introduction of the system, but because they need to divide the people first, before they can rule them with impunity, this is one of the devices they use to entrenched their divide and rule strategy. Sir Ahmadu Bello engaged in massive investments and concentrate in the developmental projects to improved the lots of Nigerians and indeed to help develop Nigeria, particularly northern Nigeria, most of the structures put in place by the people’s leader are still here with us. Sir Ahmadu Bello show us what a servant leadership should be by practicalising it and in the process help to empower his people, not what we are seeing today, where our leaders are enslaving us and claiming they are servant leaders, some even taunted themselves chiefs among the servants and they keep growing bigger by the day in terms of physical size and corruptly amassed wealth while the people they lead are dying of hunger and starvation, their policies are more anti-people in the process they destroyed everything put in place for us by our founding fathers. We were told and we can still see some of these structure put up by our former leaders, which was funded with agricultural proceeds and now that we’ve got oil one cannot traced any tangible projects to say is the handiwork of our present leaders rather they are busy making more poor people, creating poverty and as a result we are witnessing this insurgency that is causing us this trouble. The present leadership in northern Nigeria has failed, yes they have failed in all ramification, the north is gradually going down the drain in every aspect of human life, politically the fortune of the region has dwindled, economically the region is near finished, nobody should talk of educational sector in the region, even though the failed leadership is all rounder in the country, but the region I mean the northern Nigeria is the worse hit of the dwindling fortune of the country. The recent call for the review of the revenue derivation formula in the country is worth supporting, but I want to say this is a shout from a failure. Babangida Aliyu Niger State Governor who doubles as the chairman Northern State Governors Forum has failed, his leadership could not bring the region under control, he has not make any effort towards solving the problems facing the region rather busy making noise in the media and portraying himself as a servant leader, but you and I know he is the opposite of what he professed to be. Since his ascension to the seat as political leader of the region, the region has faced more trouble than success. What effort has he made to provide solutions to the problems? He actually do nothing, but busy making much noise and creating a lot of controversial issues in the land, he must be told the truth and go back and sit down to find solutions to the plenty problems, which inept leadership over the years had plunge the region into, their personal interest which they place ahead of the general interest is a major reason for all the crises we are faced with. The present leadership in the north like their recent past counterparts did nothing tangible in the interest of the generality to ensure the region maintain its position in the country. They only gather to discuss issues that they will never sought for solution to. They have discuss how to revive agriculture and set up a number of committees, on other issues, but bet me, that is the end of those matter, the other time they gather people to contribute funds for Sardauna foundation, meaning the funds realize will be used to resuscitate the legacies left behind by the legendary Sardauna. It is years now after the launching, nobody heard anything about the fund and the legacies left behind by Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna Sokoto are dying and are rotten away and the leadership of Babangida Aliyu is just setting up an advisory committee after about 4 years of the launching, these men are not sincere of restoring normalcy in the north and nobody should even think these men are ready to developed this region as their lackadaisical attitude towards issues needing urgent attention is enough sign that these men are not capable of leading us to the promised land. Nasiru Suleiman is a public affairs commentator lives in Kaduna and can also be reach on 07030476699

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Zangina Tsakuwa    Kano, Nigeria    April 10, 2012
Candidly presented facts.
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