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Nigeria: The ‘Cor-raping’ of Farouk Lawan
Author: Wakdok,Samuel Stephen | June 18, 2012

No! I refuse to celebrate the fall of Farouk Lawan. Unlike many Nigerians who have found him guilty in their minds and sentenced him without option of parole in their hearts, I insist that Lawan is not guilty of corruption because he was âcor-rapedâ. He is innocent not because he does not have a case to answer, but because the case to answer is not of corruption but of been raped. And typical of our laws, the rapists get away while the raped is scorned, shamed and abandoned by those who should care. Farouk Lawan was raped. Yes, raped! How do you explain the case of a 12 year old girl (1999-2012) who  defied all the immoralities around her to remain a virgin suddenly been cornered by a group of well matured rich, strong  men ( subsidy thieves)who have all it takes to seduce her, compel her and brutally had their way. Will you call that fornication? Of course a sexual intercourse took place but definitely it was not with the express consent of the girl who is living in the midst rapists. Three million dollars is enough to break the defence of any virgin and we all know it. Questions that ought to be asked include: did Farouk Lawan seek to be bribed or he was lured to collect bribe? How comes the cabals who we all know to be corrupt have not been picked up by the police but Lawan has already been picked? Where were the SSS and their sting operations when the cabals and looters fretted trillions of subsidy naira? Why is it that the government has not exhibited the will to take the subsidy panel report seriously but the Lawan -gate is now their main pre occupation? Do the SSS and anti graft agencies report to an ex President? If not why was the tape handed over to him?  Why are they quick to sack Farouk Lawan from his post while those indicted by the subsidy probe are still lifting oil and collecting subsidy payments? It is the case of a child trafficker setting up a young girl who has defied other means to join her wagon of cheap girls. Since 1999 Farouk Lawan has swam in the dangerous seas of Nigeriaâs murky corrupt waters and I bet you if you know what it is to swim in shark infested water like ours, it is not easy to come out alive. Either you become a shark after twelve years to remain safe or the sharks eat you up. The case of Lawan is like the raped virgin taunted by those who raped her and denied by her family and friends. The case of corruption in Nigeria is legion. What we do not know about the psychology of corruption is that it seeks to spread like cancer. Corruption holds those it has corrupted and destroys those it cannot corrupt. The trick is to spread corruption, let it go round so that no one will have the moral right to fight it.  Corruption protects those who worship at its temple and exposes those who refused to worship it to ridicule. Remember Wole Soyinka and Federal Road Safety Commission appointment? Remember Tai Solarin and the Peopleâs bank appointment? The aim of corruption is to âgodifyâ those who are willing to thrive in its practice and then to humiliate those who fight against it. Farouk Lawan is not a saint. But he is not a lunatic either. In the Nigerian circumstances; no sane man will resist the allure of Three million US Dollars, only a lunatic will. What we all crucifying Farouk Lawan should know is that the aim is to discredit him and make the report indicting the subsidy thieves useless. Whether we like it or not; Farouk Lawan has in his limited human capacity carried on with the face of integrity that is lacking in many government and corporate circles in Nigeria for good twelve years. If only one man in each government office represented integrity for the past twelve years as he did, Nigeria would have been a lot better. He was the personification of integrity in the House of Representatives and as such he was the target of a grand orchestrated sting operation that is good at catching the bribed and not the briber. With all the cries and shout against the subsidy cabals, never did I hear Femi Otedola coming out to explain anything. But the dumb Femi suddenly found his voice by giving a count by count of how the bribery sting operation was pulled. Why has Femi never explained to the milked Nigerians how they practically ate trillions in subsidy of fuel that was never supplied or was diverted? The âCor-rapingâ of Farouk Lawan should not be a celebration by us the victims of corruption in Nigeria. Rather it should be a loss for us that one star has fallen from the sky. One voice against the thieves has been stolen. One swimmer has been sharked down. One man has been bribed. One honourable has been dishonoured. But with him, goes the faith of millions of exploited Nigerians, and the hope of millions who wanted the subsidy thieves hanged. Truth is; if you do not know how to catch a thief, the thief will catch you. Femi Otedola who is an inner member of the subsidy cabal already knew he had no image to preserve; there was nothing big in laundering his name for the bribery scandal sting operation. But the guilt is twice on him that offered the bribe than on he that was bribed so that future of millions will be jeopardized. Corruption is an unchained spirit in Nigeria; it hovers and tears away the strongest of innocents. It corrupts or rapes its victims and Nigeria is always the casualty.

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Dessell    ,     August 05, 2012
I know for sure that i don't belong to the deescribed class of illiterates, neither do I belong to the praise-singing class that think every poetic write up is brilliant without actually analyzing the message.

They marvel at the delivery and pay little attention to the actual message.I have no problem with a writer calling people illiterate vs ignorant..Semantics. I have no problem if an article is written in a condescending tone..freedom of speech.

Oh well, my main point here is that people are busy! Not everybody has time to read through an article, that is why writers use headlines. Headlines are important; and if you write a misleading headline and people respond back to the headline without reading the body of the message, you cant fault them and call them ignorant.

The writer should be blamed not the reader and I cant believe the misleading headline made me open this tab. I kept it open for 3 days till i finally got a chance to read it. Phew! Good job Omojuwa!
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 18, 2012
There is nothing wrong with being in support of or against a person or an issue. What is wrong is in the distortion of facts. The argument adduced by Mr. Waklok in support of Mr. Farouk Lawan-led Committee Report are good. But the references to both Messrs Wole Soyinka and Tai Solarin (late) do not fit in. There was no record or indictment of both men over bribery allegation or illegal enrichment of themselves. For those who might not know the facts, here are a few details: When Mr. Ibrahim Babangida assumed office in Nigeria as a military head of state, he established the Federal Road Safety Commission and appointed Mr. Soyinka to head it. Similarly, he established the People’s Bank and made the late Mr. Solarin as the chairman.
The appointment of Mr. Soyinka came long ahead of that of Mr. Solarin.

Because the coming to power of Mr. Babangida in a palace coup was suspicious, most people opposed to the taking over of government attempted to distance themselves from the regime. Some called on Mr. Soyinka not to honour the appointment. But he did. Up till the time of his exit, he was not accused of corruptly enriching himself nor indicted by any personality, whether corporate or individual. In the case of Mr. Solarin, some of his colleagues and subordinate officers looted the fund. But the chairman, Mr. Solarin, was not involved.

The snag in the two was that Mr. Babangida proved ironically that if they found the management of the units under them to difficult to monitor every activity, he as head of state should not be blamed for corruption of his members of cabinet, governors, etc.

The case of Mr. Lawan was different. He at least is now being investigated on $620,000 bribery scandal. What prompted him to reach an agreement with Mr. Otedola after the committee had concluded her Report? What prompted him to accept the said $500,000 in one or two tranches in Mr. Otedola’s house? What prompted him to seek an amendment to the final report so that the names of two companies earlier indicted in the Report could be removed? And the said names were removed on his proposal.

Did that constitute a deception of the whole House of Representatives or not? What then is integrity if Mr. Lawan could involve himself in such a mess? I hope to find time to review the whole issue in greater details.

God save Nigeria.
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