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Author Name: Anthony Joseph Onoh
Number of articles: 9
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Yorubas in Denial: Awo´s Rogue Conduct on Biafra a Travesty!
Author: Anthony Joseph Onoh | October 16, 2012

The outrage generated by Profesor Chinua Achebe´s publication about late Obafemi Awolowo´s genocidal policy on Biafra can best be described as absolute garbage. There is no justification for the Awoists to embark on unnecessary war of words over a verifiable and documented episode which Awolowo – alone – was the architect. Yoruba elites have lived on denial, over their role in the near-extermination of Ndigbo, in a failed bid to cover up their abhor-able actions against a supposedly friendly tribe during the three year long civil conflict in Nigeria. As a child and survivor of this dreadful episode in Nigeria, I live with the memory of evident apprehension over the lack of remorse from the authors and perpetrators of this most heinous crime against humanity in the history of any black African country. The South African apartheid regime spells a child´s play at the recollection of the events that cost the lives of over 6 million Igbo natives during and after the 1966 Northern led massacre in Nigeria. Prof. Achebe´s book exhumed the corrupted efforts of those war criminals, parasites who hung on sophism and demagogic prose; a futile intent to erase the memory of that tragic historical incident. It is evident that the “paterfamilias” of Nigerian politics has endorsed a complicit action to further subjugate the Igbo people and create a general understanding for exemption of guilt on themselves, except for Igbo people. This action is manifest in the continued alienation against the Igbo´s in the present political life of Nigeria. Ndigbo has been dropped from the glorious political relevance of the pre and post independence Nigeria to mere despicable limps in today´s political discourse. All political positions are covetously distributed among the same rogues who intended to starve Biafra kids to death while a fragmented Igbo strive for handouts and individual gifts for good behavior. “There was a country” relived these whole episodes of cynicism and betrayal against the Igbo community in the entity called Nigeria. Hence the outburst and immediate media propaganda war by the heirs of late Awolowo´s unnecessary vengeance and shameful episode; for the sole purpose of diffusing the impact of this gigantic revelation from such a credible witness of that awful event. Seemingly, the worst perpetrators of this crime against the Igbo people are Yoruba´s who have irresponsibly refused to show remorse and seek true reconciliation with Ndigbo. The so called “Black Scorpion”, Col Adekunle, had cynically justified the violation of Igbo women and children during the war and concluded, in a famous quote, “I did not start this war Ojukwu did. But I want to win this war. So, I must kill Ibos. Sorry!” Unfortunately, his utterances are not as odious as the chameleonic attitude of the former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo and his mockery of Ndigbo in a concoction of hatred and scornful relationship with his few protĂ©gĂ©es. He ruled Nigeria, anyway! Prof. Chinua Achebe has revealed the existence of an unresolved problem in Nigeria. It is an open secret which had been kept under mechanized brutal media suppression over the years. Above all is an outline of the polarization of Nigeria which has been, pretentiously, divided along cultural and religious lines. I used the term pretentious because the polarity of Nigeria along cultural –ethnic – and religious divides benefited only those who exploit the ramifications in order to feed their selfish desires. His allusion of Awolowo´s mentorship of the worst genocidal project since the holocaust of the Jews could have produced an inherent empathy for the victims, but unsurprisingly, it further unveiled the profundity of the wound on the victims and their hangmen. It is discerning that Nigeria cannot hold together in unity when the minds of the polity are polluted with a scum of ethnic division that serves to feed the political delusions of a few. There is a need for national dialogue in order to address and heal the wounds on this crime and offence against the Igbo community of Nigeria. No amount of write ups and backchats on the pages of the digital and press media can extinguish the rousing blaze on the crimes committed against the Igbo people by the others. Professor Achebe has perforation on the subject, though shallow, has stirred the political discourse; imagine when we dig further deep!

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