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Author Name: Vera Ezimora
Number of articles: 6
Last article added: Date Me Jeje, Date Me Tender
I have never, ever been on a date. For someone who can describe a perfect date even while in the middle... (1) Comment

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Blogging - The New Ebe Ano
Author: Vera Ezimora | January 22, 2007

If you have not heard, then hear it now: blogging is the new ebe ano. It is where we are o! For all those looking for a life partner, forget about what your mother, Aunty Buki, Uncle Paul, and Cousin Ngozi told you. Back in the day, you may have found your life partner in Church, at a wedding, or wherever else you have been directed to, but today, it is on the internet. No, no, not just any site on the internet, but in the world of blogging. Blogging is such a big deal today that it has its own world; it’s called Blogville. The thing is just like AIDS: easy to catch, impossible to get rid of. It is spreading faster than wild fire in Winter. I did not find out about Blogville until the end of 2005. Before I discovered it, my Oyibo friend (who was aware of my writing) asked if I had a blog. Blog??? I had no clue what she was talking about. But then an online friend of mine directed me to her blog, and that was it o! I caught the virus too. I have been a loyal member since December of 2005. When I started blogging, I was oblivious to the fact that there were other bloggers around. I just wrote whenever I felt like it, and for the most part, I never got any comments because nobody knew about me (just like I did not know about them). But little by little, my wings began to really grow, and I started leaving comments on people’s blogs. By doing that, they returned the favor. Most bloggers have a “Blogs I Read” list, which is usually ridiculously long, and I used to wonder how they got that long. Well, now I know! My list keeps getting longer and longer, and it is not easy keeping up oh! How can it be easy to read countless posts in a day AND leave comments sef? Of course, people will also leave comments on my own blog, which I had to reply. Chei! Every time I have to add another link to my ‘Blogs I Read’ column, I have sweat beads forming on my forehead, and a secret silent prayer that this latest blogger of mine does not update everyday. Chineke biko o! I am so into the whole blogging thing that when a recent Naija Blogger Awards was conducted, I won the ‘Blogger I Most Want To Meet’ category. Me ke? This is serious oh. I am tempted to make a speech, but I will spare you the horror. So now, I have something else to add to my résumé. Well, meeting my fellow bloggers would be great, but I just have one question: who is paying for this meeting? Let me tell you, there are allll sorts of people residing in Blogville. A lot of people choose to be anonymous because they want to disclose information that they would not be otherwise disclosing. I thought about being anonymous, but I could not handle the risk of being caught. How would I explain what I wrote? So I decided to be open; at least that way, I can foresee any incoming wahala. Some anonymous bloggers do get discovered (I have even discovered some myself), and after that, a lot of them choose to “come out of the closet”. There are people who blog about their life, there are people who are there to inspire others – spiritually, that is. There are blogs about relationships, work, sexcapades, God, friends, fashion, entertainment, etc. You name it, they got it! If it is not in Blogville, then I can guarantee you cannot get it anywhere else. As for me, I blog about my life. I have a vow on my blog to tell the truth, and nothing but the whole truth, albeit, I do not promise to tell the whole story. Considering the fact that I have my actual name and last name on my blog, it is only fair that I save some information now. I should not be spreading all my dirty laundry outside, abi how you take see am? Internet dating is out; blog-dating is in. Forget messengers too; nobody does them anymore. Now, all you have to do is sit in front of your computer screen, read all you care to read about a person, and believe what you want to believe. Whatever you choose to do after that is at your own risk. Whatever and whoever you are looking for, you’ve got them in Blogville. There are all sorts of Nigerians; people that you may not have crossed path with in the real world. You’ll laugh, you might cry, you’ll get inspired, you’ll get nauseated, you’ll get turned on, you’ll broaden your thinking, you might narrow it too, you’ll get curious, you’ll be mystified, you’ll make new friends, you might make new enemies too, you’ll find old friends, and you’ll find friends you did not wish to ever find. You might find an ex-lover, or make a new one. You might ‘discover’ you’re homosexual, metro sexual, bisexual, bicurious, homophobic, a drag queen…or just good ol’ heterosexual. You might ‘discover’ you’re bipolar, a nymphomaniac, a narcissist, an addict, an overeater, a sadist, a sociopath, a nudist, or you might just discover that that thing you do in the night when everyone has gone to bed is abnormal. Go figure. So if you’re still doing some soul searching, Blogville might just be the place for you. Think about the fact that you can do it anonymously; great huh? So what have I discovered since I bought my house in Blogville? Nothing that I did not know already. I’m still heterosexual, I’m still sweet (if I do say so myself), I’m still not attracted to metro sexuals, I’m still a little bit of a clean freak, I’m still trying to experience romantic love in a romantic way, and I’m still trying to find my own corner in this big, bad world we live in today. I have however learnt to accept people for what they are; it does not mean I have to condone their lifestyle, but rather leave judgment up to God. Besides, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right? In case you’re wondering what it is that I blog about exactly, well then, I guess you will just have to find out on your own, wouldn’t you? My intention was to end this baby by mentioning a few blogs I love, but I realized there are just too many of them. So if you do take the time out to check out my blog (which I’m hoping you do), then do check out my ‘Blogs I Read’ column. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised! Until next time, adios! DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for whatever happens between you and any blogger, and neither am I responsible for your possible addiction to Blogville. E-mails/comments are generously encouraged

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Ade Yankee    ,     January 22, 2007
If I were a psychologist, I will prescribe blogging as an antidote (if not a cure) for depression. At least, it gives you the opportunity to unload all the stuffs you have on your mind.

I will call it "blogging away your sorrows". I have not got around to blogging myself, but a lot of times, I get a kick from what others blog about on their blogs. Plus, it is a great source of information.

In essence, there are two things you can do in blogville.
1. Read other peoples blog, laugh and comment if you feel like
2. Create your own (that one get as e be). If you create your own blog, I will advice you have a lot of monitors, keyboards and mice at your disposal.

Why? Because you might get so angry at people's comment that you might decide to vent your angers on those poor little things.
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