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Author Name: J. Ezike
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Cannibals in power: Nigeria
Author: J. Ezike | March 02, 2015

So many Africans tend to blame BBC and other international media bodies for disseminating false news about Africa. But what BBC projects about Africa is not the point, but rather what Africa projects to BBC. For so long, political leaders in Africa have been swimming in the murky waters of corruption, which underlines the overwhelming decline in the economic sector and has precipitated a disturbing increase in poverty and hardship in Africa.

For Africa to be successful like Europe and America, it must first banish the demons of corruption and the agents of parochialism which has brainwashed the minds of the people and has perpetually limited the growth and success of the continent. Let's not pretend like there are no problems plaguing the entire continent of Africa. Some people choose to keep quiet, but when certain people choose to expose the series of corrupt episodes that has crippled their economy, in an attempt to revolt or challenge the status quo, it doesn't mean they're unpatriotic, it only shows that they are bold and courageous to speak the truth.

Africa in general, has been built on a dilapidated foundation, which has made the leaders politically immature to govern the affairs in the continent. Every continent has a problem, but Africa's problem is outrageously disturbing and seems immortal. A typical example is the jinxed entity – Nigeria. If two wrongs don't make a right, then it means that the Nigerian leaders have excellently failed in the political mathematics which requires a proactive counter attack measures against the series of terror attacks that has paralyzed the nation in a traditional order and has precipitated disturbing and fatal gestures for a partisan and disjointed ideal filled with bigotry and a complete emptiness of proverb.

The series of violent episodes and the tragic chapters of chaos and anarchy highlight the degree of the unpatriotic and debased nature of some Nigerian leaders, which has become a political character. The inability to contain the domestic hazard, the demonic sect, the terrorist group or political organization known as Boko Haram by the Nigerian government, underlines the failures in the political and economic anatomy of the loosed federation of Nigeria, primordially designed by some cannibals in power, which emphatically interprets that these leaders are politically immature to justify the independence from the imperial or colonial powers.

The origin of this madness in form of terrorism was primordially designed and politically masterminded from the genesis of our national independence to the revelation of our current crisis. The current President of Nigeria – Goodluck Jonathan has proven to be a ‘'political puppet'' his outrageous display of weakness in the ocean of power, strongly depicts that there are some external forces controlling his actions and decisions. In 2014, a national disaster which led to the untimely death of 200 citizens by the ‘'Genocide Kingpins'' known as a Boko Haram, was treated with so much disregard. President Jonathan failed to checkmate the brains behind the damage; he failed to initiate an onslaught against the faceless army known as Boko Haram, rather he chose to dance and party with his fellow stooges in Kano state, a disgrace to true democracy, an insult to the dead victims and the bereaved.

My advice to President Jonathan- ‘'Leadership is not a disco party'' It is a fact that the northern rulers have threatened or vowed to invoke another tragic page or violent episodes against innocent citizens through the terrorism vehicle known as Boko Haram, if the incumbent President - Goodluck Jonathan, steps into power in 2015. This is to say, that the Boko Haram insurgency has been politicized to achieve electoral benefits for the northern region. When the lives of innocent Nigerians are being wasted like flies and cockroaches in the name of politics, with no iota of remedy, then it is time for Nigerians to reconsider the ‘'division proposal'' of 1967 before the genocidal Nigerian civil war.

Some cannibals in power have succeeded in transforming the sovereign state of Nigeria into a carnival of corpses, a horror movie, a land of Draculas and Vampires. The tragic chapters of bloodshed, with no hope to an end, provide a chronicle preview of the dark future of Nigeria. It may be controversial to say that Nigerians whether dead or alive don't count! The gory image of Nigeria, primordially designed by some masters of destruction, agents of anarchy and leaders of corruption has licentiated the free flow of bloodshed and perpetual chaos. All these political diseases are the hallmark of corruption and the square root of bad leadership.

The systematic extermination of innocent lives on the altar of religious bigotry in an attempt to wipe out western education, is the most unethical, inconceivable and barbaric ideal in the history of mankind. It hurts me to say that Nigeria has metamorphosed from a corrupt state into a terrorist nation, the integration of a pure Islamic state by the sons of hell, has provoked an economic earthquake, which has consumed over 10,000 human lives in few years and that is no doubt a threat to the corporate existence of Nigeria.

The series of violent episodes in Nigeria since 1966, and the perpetuation of power struggle, at the top of the political chain of government, has ignited an unquenchable fire of ethnic conflicts and religious animosity which has subsequently disseminated an ‘'immortal disunity'' from the door post of the masses to the corridors of government. It is possible that the red flag to the charging bull of the extremist Islamic terrorist cult, Boko Haram, may epitomize the 1966 pogrom of innocent lives, if the toothless President of Nigeria wins the election in 2015.

Also, some cannibals in power are threatening to seize the Presidential office in a military coup, if the incumbent President stays in power. The big question is – are the citizens of Nigeria safe?

Alexander Ezike is a Novelist, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Essayist and Poet.

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