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Author Name: J. Ezike
Number of articles: 17
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Barack Obama's Allergy
Author: J. Ezike | May 29, 2015

History has repeated itself once again in a rather unsurprising fashion. The absence of the first black President of the free world at the inaugural ceremony of His Excellency – President Muhammadu Buhari could either indicate a broken love affair between the two nations – a diplomatic relationship gone sour – or an allergic response for the decayed status in the political sector of our nation, thus a delayed absenteeism by the most powerful man on earth (Obama) in Africa's largest economy.

It is no longer an uncommon occurrence to see the first black President of the United States reject a cordial visit to Nigeria – an untypicalbehavior which strictly denotes that there is indeed something intrinsically wrong with the leadership status of our country. It is plausible to make presuppositions at this juncture, judging by the fact that this ‘'allergic reaction'' displayed by President Obama is exclusively unique to Nigeria. Our collective thoughts and patriotic propositions of having the first black President of the free world grace the soil of Nigeria is at this point a proposal made in dream land, however, it would be a warranted assumption to expect Nigeria as Obama's first port of entry to Africa, simply because Nigeria is without doubt the great ‘'black'' hope of Africa – but a queer snub has been the result.

As an avid admirer of the first black President of the United States – the man who became the emblematic evidence of a United America – the man who became the chosen one in the fulfillment of the prophetic declaration rendered by the highly revered and venerated freedom fighter – Rev. Martin Luther King. The man who made history by being the first product in ‘'black'' to take official residence at the White house – I feel utterly disturbed and emotionally bitten to witness his deliberate or prolonged refusal to step foot on the Nigerian soil.

The inauguration of His Excellency – President Muhammadu Buhari would have been the ideal time and the perfect season to have the leader of the bedrock of democracy – the product of a great vision – the author of the famous slogan ‘'Yes We Can'' –to grace the soil of our country in a historical fashion but instead an allergic response has been the popular behavior – a behavior which may be misinterpreted as pride or a personal dislike for Nigeria as a nation but from a logical stand point X-rays a different translation from the general presuppositions.

Most people might have expected President Obama to accept the special invitation to the inaugural ceremony of the newly elected President of Africa's largest economy with alacrity but a man of his caliber, credibility and substance I believe must have logical reasons for his deliberate avoidance to grace the soil upon which Africa's success stories began. And if one is conscious enough it would be an easy pie to decode or unravel the encrypted messages or signals intrinsically framed in President Obama's body language – though tacit, unstated and enthymematic but yet understood by a selected few of conscious minds.

President Obama's allergic reaction to the numerous invitations from the Nigerian government is clear evidence that our nation has got leadership issues to address. Thus, a silent but yet emphatic refusal in episodic order has been the reply. This prolonged dissonance is a political indicator showing a dystopian image of Nigeria's leadership disease and the consequent result it has framed in the organic existence of the citizens and the union itself.

Hence, Obama's allergy is a possible justification of an abused office – a dissipated wealth – a colossal atrocity and a biographical tale of chronic corruption and political madness inherent in this union of ours.

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