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Author Name: Joy
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Why Your Business Must have a website
Author: Joy | January 21, 2016

When we start a business, we often have a bigger picture of it at the back of our minds. Getting it global, making large sales, having branches locally and internationally and more. The truth is, we can always get there but for a small business to achieve all its dreams, there are things to put in place. One of the must do or must have for every business is having a website and not just a website but a professional one. Sometimes, you think having a professional website might be quite expensive and not really necessary at the time. My question to people with this thought is when would it be necessary to build one for your business if not now?

Always remember that big dream behind your business, you can even write it out with plans or steps to achieve that dream. Well, if you would permit me, I choose building a website as my number 1 step. Did you say why? Let me tell you why a business must have a website.

1. Corporate presence: In today's Nigeria and every part of the world, people only take your business seriously when your company's image is on the internet. Do you sell products or render services? Tell people you have a website, and see the response you would get. You know, your corporate presence online tells alot about your business, the energy, your passion and the image you want to create out there.

2. Trust: As far as Nigeria especially is concerned, your business is a honest one when they see it online, when you have that "www" thing (domain name) on your complimentary card, your signpost in front of your shop and on social media. Truthfully, this happens to me everytime, whenever I hear of a business, I pick up my phone or laptop to search and it is not available, that business just lost me, a potential buyer! Customers expect to see you online!

3. Increase sales: In this case, which is the primary aim of every business, website is a necessity. Without a website, you can make sales to customers in your locality or just in that environment that your business is located but try having a website now and see that not even tribe, tongue, distance, status or location can stop you from making thrice the profit you were used to making.

4. Spending less: If the nature of your business does not require you having an office, do you know that with your website, you can successfully build an empire of what you do, make your transactions online and get your customers satisfied to the core? Sounds impossible right? No..don't worry about an office space when you know you can just get your products and services rendered to your customers as soon as they are needed and you see, you have saved alot from not renting a space.

5. Best way to advertise: Of course there are other best ways to advertise, but having a website is the "bestest" of Now, look at the T.V, radio, bill boards, newspapers, magazines, blogsites and BRT buses adverts that cost alot just to advertise on and sometimes, this adverts are just for a day! Think about people who would not see your adverts that day and afterwards then think about your website that stays on and on for 24 hours of everyday on the 7 days of the week, 30 days of the month and 365 days of the year with a little token for the website yearly renewal! My dear, the difference is clear abeg.

6. Where are your competitors?: Do you know where they are? They are online! One fat reason, you have to be online as well. You should not be a laughing stock in your line of business. Wherever your competitors are, be there! Grab their ideas, mixed with have a chance of becoming the best in your unique way! Get your website today!

7. Information: If you have new information about your products and services, you can easily tell that to the world. With a website, you can add and make changes anytime, anyday for your customers to get better informed of what is going on in your business. What if your are recruiting? Yes, through your website, you can inform the world and get good staff without much ado.

8. Become a global business owner: Really, you don't need to spend much on making this a possibility. Do you know why? Thanks to the internet for making this dream a reality. You can become a global player in your business line! Your physical presence in a particular location cannot stop your shine because the World Wide Web (that "www" thing) allows you do business from anywhere you are located in the world.

You see, really you have to have your own website too right? Yes you do. As we plunge into 2016, we want our businesses growing gracefully, we have our parts to play in making things right. Get the right professionals to get your website built today!

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