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Author Name: Farouk Martins
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Why does Africa remain poor despite its resources? After independence African countries still depend... (0) Comment

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To Make Africa Great Again But Made In Africa
Author: Farouk Martins | January 06, 2017

If nationalism and economic independence across Europe and America do not wake Africa up, what will? Africans were recruited during World Wars to fight in Europe for Freedom. Suddenly, it hit home – what about African freedom!

We should be asking that same question that led to Africa's political freedom. Unfortunately repossessed with economic and mental bondage made easier by the greed, selfishness and colo-mentality of our administrators and their cronies. Trump, by fiat threat to local or foreign businesses, has exposed the hypocrisy of laissez-faire just to retain jobs at home.

In view of what is going on in the world today in “civilized” societies where “free trade”, globalization and capitalism propel them into advantageous nations; they now cry nationalism in the name of “Brexit” and “Make America Great Again”. Since Emerging Countries' cheaper goods and immigrants are displacing them at home.

Africa is the real victim. They want the good old days back when they repackage and made everything out of free labor of the slaves, serfs and raw materials dictated to countries of their choice. Other countries have come of age; they manufacture cheaper or better goods dumping them in their countries. Japan has perfected the art of automobile and China has perfected mass production to sell in western markets. If it's not fair trade now, how could it be free trade when they were at advantage?

It is undisputed that Africa is the richest Continent in natural resources in the world and still remains so. The fact is that the richest human that ever lived, the Queen of Sheba, is now ancient history. She depressed the price of gold around the world like many African Empires' kings in Ghana, Mali and Songhai.

Their aggrandizement in gold, diamond, art and science from Sudan to Egypt invited the fall of the last African Empire in hands of Moroccans marauders. The biggest and significant difference between these ancient time s and today is disappointingly ingrained mental addiction to foreign tastes.

Basically, it is the ability of Europeans, Arabs and others to convince Africans that if raw materials from their land is shipped out, manipulated, shined, painted or molded the way Africa used to shaped iron ore, terracotta or mummified royals; Africans would appreciate the same products more since they are imported as “refined”. Africa has not woken up from colo-mentality while Asian countries are big producers of local products their people appreciate but are also exporters to outside countries.

Scramble for Africa, still in the slumber stage, is now between western and Asian countries. European and American's fiercest competitor in Africa today is China. Poor African countries, they have no choice. When China comes with more favorable price, terms and condition, Africa grabs them.

No country buys from any other country a whole industry of manufactured products without establishing a local factory for maintenance, parts production and eventual ability to produce and service same for 50 years except African countries! Nestlé, beer breweries and other cocoa companies are still draining Africa's foreign reserves.

We are not even talking about spacecraft, aero planes or automobile. Ajaokuta Steel is still not productive in almost half a century. They have been draining African reserves because they have to import “special” ingredients and machineries from Europe and America to make their products acceptable to Africans. We have to be fair now, even African businesses refused to improvise at home and adapt machineries locally to produce so that they could park their profits outside Africa.

After fifty years, Africans still prefer ready-made products from abroad where nationalism calls for their local goods. It is one thing to sing and dance “Buy Africa” even before Fela Kuti, it takes much more to put it into practice as habit of human behavior. There is nothing new about this, yet colo-mentality drains our energy and productive effort to see African Great Again as in the days of our great Empires. It is no wonder that after our ancient and new achievement have been denied, hidden and usurped by lesser civilization, same people claim we cannot be descendants of the Greats.

They came as explorers, then traded by barter. In order to save our souls and save us from the devil, they came as missionaries. Each of these has become addicted drugs of opium that is too difficult to disengage. There is no other true God but that of Christian, Muslim or other foreign God. But God said he is everywhere and he created man in his image. If there is only one God that is worshipped worldwide, he can hear our prayers everywhere in every language or name. Moreover, Heaven only help those who help themselves.

So why do Africans believe that by being the most religious is the only way God can hear our prayers. Our Pastors and Imams would do and say anything to get attention and recruit followers. They have brought back the “dead”, walked on ice, predicted calamities but have never been able to lift Africa out of its miseries.

Indeed, they have directed killing and maiming of fellow Africans in the name of God. Yet, one of the very few places in the whole world where religious tolerance is highest is in West Africa among the Yoruba and generally with some Africans since they do not force their belief on others.

On the other hand, if you want to see a vicious African, watch what he does to his fellow African as he worships others for his salvation. Africans are not in the image of God? Though important, no matter what we write, sing or pray; we need solution as of yesterday.

As difficult as it may seem after all these years, the solution is within us. It is enslavement of our mental capacity reinforced from one generation of parents to children. When we have solutions within reach, within grasp and within ourselves, we should not be struggling for a century after regulated and enforced slave trade.

We still have some slavery in one form or the other. It is not ironic that of the people that voted for “nationalism” in the latest election in USA, were 81% of regular Church goers and Christian Evangelists that wanted the good old days back. But it was not the good old days for minorities and women who were deemed three quarters or less than humans.

They were willing to sacrifice personal interest in healthcare, social security, unions and wage that elevated them to middleclass, for promises they knew cannot be fulfilled. This is a deep and complex psychological acculturation that has defied reality. Africa, if others will not patronize you, why not love and patronize yourselves?

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