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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

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No Other God Or Allah But Your Conscience
Author: Farouk Martins | March 24, 2017

How could that be? You just discovered no other God or Allah but your conscience after all your prayers, investments and sacrifice that there is no other God or Allah but the Conscience within you is God.

It cannot be true that the Pope of Rome, Mohammed of Mecca, Jesus of Nazareth were not worshipping God and Allah but their conscience. The monuments, Mosques, Churches and institutional systems on all religions by Indus, Chinese and others were not based on God!

Conscience, just as Nemesis, Aiyelala or Chi is a commonality worldwide. Some have no conscience because they intentionally ignore it; but a baby even dogs develop the sense of right and wrong.

Prayers while we fold our hands and feet without helping ourselves with action is born out of laziness and complacency like waiting for manna to fall from heaven. Nothing is so written that man cannot undo or change by taking the bull by the horns.

Africans pray out of helplessness putting their destiny in the hands of fraudsters that suck every penny out of them. Whereas, Religions is a cultural belief used in different communities to regulate behavior for the smooth running of law and order.

Some people live within their culture without spreading or converting others into it. Many act as missionaries for their cultures to expand and convert others while they seat at the top in positions to determine right, wrong and votes to converts. They used incentives to lure others as the only way to secure a place in their God's heaven.

I see! This is why some of us think all these prayers about God were forged to garb Africans. It is just a means to an end. Christianity and Islamic cultures are for people in certain places at certain times that was applicable to their culture and faith in order to keep peace and order.

Their God was invented to keep their people in line so that they do not commit atrocity against their fellow men. They also created devil to act as a deterrent against those crossing the line. This is not different from the God each ethnic group in Africa worship and pray to.

The function and reason are the same: Poro and Sande in Liberia deter antisocial behavior or belief. If there was no religion, we would have had to invent one otherwise erring men and women would go astray and disrupt behavior and culture of the communities in which they live.

This is the reason we say a country without laws is a country without sin. The fear of God and Devil had to be invented for men without conscience. We have to find a way to civilize our behavior. The problem manifested by foreign religions and their gods is the lack of deep faith in the new communities it was introduced.

Africans have more faith in their God than in foreign gods. This is why Africans are willing to swear on the Bible and the Koran they know are not indigenous to their faith giving them the confidence to commit all kinds of atrocities. Drag erring politicians, priest or imams to Poro, Okija or Osun Shrines to swear, not court where they can bribe judges.

They understand Poro, Amadioha, Sango or Tori wrath of Thunder. These opportunistic Africans would refuse to swear to Nyame of Akan, Bori of Mazuagawa, Igbo-Ukwu or Ogun. Abrahamic religions changed to offering bread instead of flesh and to wine instead of blood of Jesus Christ; that Abraham offered his own son as sacrifice only demonstrated that human can sanitize their “fetish” ways and come clean.

Some opportunistic medicine men in Africa have demonized indigenous religions scaring their own people away into the hands of foreign God and religions. But wait a minute, Sharia and Christian law differ? You mean there was no God, law or order in Africa until the Europeans and Arabs came.

If my name is Chukuemeka before the Europeans or Arabs came, there must have been God guiding law and order in Africa since Chuku means God. This is why it was surprising when the Priest said Chuku is a name for Devil and we must baptize you with the name of Christians as Anthony, John, Godwin etc. in order to be accepted by God.

Similarly, the Arabs told us we were worshipping idols and the Christians also called it “fetish” only to find out that the Roman Catholics worship idols too! They called them Saints and place them in “holy” shrines. Like the Christians, the Arabs said Oluwatobi is the Devil's name and we must change those names to Arabic names in order to be saved.

So parents changed our names to Riskatu, Sidikatu, Mohammed, Farouku, Abdul-Fatayi to become the slave of God. Which one is the slave of God again, didn't they tell us we are all children of God? No, no, no please. The only child of God is Jesus Christ. Some people are finding it hard to believe and accept that Jesus is not the son of God but Anobi or the messenger of God.

Well, this is becoming confusing nah. It is either we are children of God or slave of God. Who in his right mind would ever suspected that God also dealt in slave trade! Unkulunkulu, isiZulu: the very great one is the Supreme Creator. The invention of Devil is also confusing. The Yoruba have many gods and devil is not one of those.

They have the god of fire, the god of river, the god of iron and many others that report to one Olorun. They even claimed that the world started in Africa, indeed in Ile-Ife. The Hausa, Igbo, Ashanti, Zulu as other African ethnics have similar story about the origin of life and procreation.

Even some Africans find them preposterous because they faithfully accept Bible and Koran fictitious versions. However, by conspiracy or collusion, world scientists and archaeologists backed Africans up, that life originated in Africa. If all these scientific discoveries are not fictions, how could religion come from Europe or Arabian Desert to bring God as if there was no single Commandment in Africa when these people had originally migrated from Africa to other parts of the world.

If God existed and created Man in Africa and these Men migrated out of Africa, does it make any sense that the Christian law and Sharia came back to Africa to introduce their God that they later discovered outside Africa? On the other hand, could it be that Chi, Chuku or Olorun laws existed in Africa long before God or Allah came to be introduced in Africa.

So people's beliefs that named Chuku or Oluwatoyin knew God existed before the Europeans and Arabs came. Abi O! You see, where you are wrong is, those names you mentioned have been changed to Jesutoyin, Godwin, Chineke-God etc! When we go to Church and Mosque, we pray in Latin and Arabic, so that God can hear our prayers.

God cannot speak Swahili or Twi. Devoted Christians and Muslims never question messages of God propagated by his messengers, not only in Africa. In the name of the same God, man perpetrated slavery blessing them as the children that would receive their reward in heaven.

In the name of Allah, Young men have been led astray, indoctrinated and mesmerized to commit inhuman acts against their fellow men with reward of forty virgins in heaven but very little for the female bombers. Indeed, religion has failed many, questioning their faith in God; just urged to accept everything since it was so written.

They urge and lead us to believe in foreign God they do not believe in. Africans must stop hoping that prayers as remote control, to foreign God will change their misfortune by refusing to lift a finger knowing fully well that heaven only helps those who help themselves. If there is God: foreign God has forsaken Africa.

So Africa must either rediscover their God or sanitize their evil behavior to one another by listening, instead of ignoring a conscience that never fails.

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