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Author Name: Farouk Martins
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Insurance Against Kidnappers & Robbers
Author: Farouk Martins | April 24, 2017

Who gives kidnappers and armed robbers your intimate information and location while money hoarders sleep well at night? They should explore more graveyards and soak-away for big loots. Unless you are flamboyant, rich or a conspicuous spender, chances are most information about ordinary folks comes from close friends or relatives.

It is not only the ungrateful son that invites armed robbers to demand ransom on him or to dispossess his “stingy” father of some money. Some kidnappers and armed robbers are also invited by unscrupulous girlfriends. Only a foolish wife on drugs with no sympathy for her children would dare such a gamble.

In short, those who work hard for their money are hardly ostentatious or conspicuous spenders. Yes, they may spoil themselves with some luxury to enjoy the fruit of their labor. In most cases they are very strict, teaching their children to work hard and to depend on their sweat, not so much on the parents.

If graveyards is all it takes to prevent kidnappers and armed robbers, folks with modest income should never fall victims to underworld men. The general believe is that kidnappers and robbers know their victims. They would not just waste their time going to poor people knowing fairly well that it would be an unproductive incursion.

Except in the days when they used to write letters that they are visiting a house or neighborhood. The rich and the poor got hurt equally. So what is the insurance against kidnappers and armed robbers? Cemeteries, soak-away cannot bite like zombi or riot police. Others are ordering electric fence, fortified sport utility vehicles to take their families out and back home.

A few have decided on helicopters to and from airports. Many of us were surprised that almighty Dangote walked home from a party near his house at Victoria Island while area boys harassed him for money. Unperturbed, he did not budge. Therefore the best insurance for those of us with modest means is to blend and stop being loud (I better-pass-my-neighbor) especially when we do not have what it takes to bail us out.

If you are kidnapped and your family cannot raise the money for your release, you might as well kiss them goodbye each time you leave home. Advised not to infuriate them by keeping bail money handy. Yet, some of us cannot help it, we have to play big when we know we are lightweights. Kidnappers and some covetous ladies have certain characteristics in common: both parties think that anything that glitters is gold: anu ofia.

This guy was once visited in his luxurious apartment by armed robbers. He had a beautiful wife and a few girlfriends. He dressed well for most outings. The intention of the kidnappers was to rob him of his money and take his Mercedes Benz away. While he was on their watch, he looked prosperous from the outside.

Whenever he was going out with his wife or one of his girlfriends, he always looked like a million box: cashistic. The appearance of a rich guy outside fooled his wife too after spending a great deal of money on her; until she later found out that was a teaser, he was a broker.

The girlfriends and of course the kidnappers got the same impression. You see, everything that glitters is not gold. One has to get inside to find out it is nothing but panda! As soon as the kidnappers got into his apartment, they realized something was not quite right or misleading.

Inside his rented apartment, it was desolate with chairs and beddings that have seen their better days. The wife hardly stayed with him there because he had little to offer. But their wedding was dandy, expensive and loud. They spent so much money on that occasion, it was embarrassing for the wife to tell friends and relatives that she married an empty vessel.

Like his wife and the new girlfriends, kidnappers also thought highly of him until they found out he was hollow. Indeed, some of his girlfriends spent money on him to look presentable to their friends and relatives. They covered for him by giving a little of their money to friends and families they claimed had come from him.

Indeed, this type of demands from friends and families leads many workers and salaried professionals to steal on the job. The kidnappers had to make a decision whether to move on, take his Mercedes with them or kidnap him for body parts. They asked him for the keys of his Mercedes but he warned them that he had abandoned it for several weeks because he could not afford the parts and labor to put it on the road.

After giving him the worst beating he ever received in his life, he was useless. The kidnappers decided to move on to other victims instead of wasting time on the loser. One has to wonder about this guy's background and how he became a parasite that could not take care of those he attracted as a wife and girlfriends.

The problem did not start with ladies. He was a mama's boy growing up. This guy had a good education and got many jobs but could not keep any of them for too long. He was charming and easy to get along with. Unfortunately, that was only good for a while until it was time to carry his weight among friends.

Ladies have an uncanny ability to spot a good provider but they are also clouded by emotions and infatuation for the dark (yellow) and handsome guy regardless of his circumstances or ability to provide for them, especially in these days when many women can provide for themselves.

This opportunistic relationships is not common to women alone but to those men that decide on lascivious ladies at parties. It became an attitude; we had a friend that argued whenever it came to his turn to pay at the restaurant, claiming he was invited. He was later busted for fraudulent contracts in millions.

If anyone told you that some of the looters had so much money hidden in the cemetery, in cocoa bags at the farm and soak-away while their constituencies and their neighbors beg them for some business loans, grants or repair of roads leading to their villages, nobody would believe. Young people have been conditioned to make it by any means necessary except attack highly fortified oppressors.

They impose or take up immoral behaviors to get rich quick like looters, kidnappers, fraudsters, drug dealers and toxic professions as prostitutes in this day of HIV. Unfortunately, such relationships have killed morals in the communities because of the way money is earned or looted, driven to hide it in graveyards.

It creates and shape behavior of younger generations that aspire to the same level of those they admire above them. Shortcut to riches reward a class of vagabonds willing to do anything for their definition of success.

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