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Author Name: Deola Adesanya
Number of articles: 2
Last article added: An Old Man in School.
With a heavy phewww and a big, big sigh as the last few papers were handed over to the invigilator and... (0) Comment

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An Old Man in School.
Author: Deola Adesanya | March 07, 2007

With a heavy phewww and a big, big sigh as the last few papers were handed over to the invigilator and the last long bone was dropped in oral vivas, we have once again witnessed the conclusion of yet another set of examinations, popularly called the MB. As people do say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one tiny step. So we can also say that the 1st phase of realizing the dream of becoming a Medical Doctor has just been concluded. Like any other medical examination, one could not yet have jubilated until those fateful results were disclosed. Officially, that is. Even with the incessant strikes local and national, from NASU and ASUU to labour unions ,student boycotts and tear gas orientation, petrol troubles, political inflation, transport and general craziness of the whole system, we resignedly recognize that our education will grind through more of these times and have slowly come to accept the painfully long years that our seniors(now graduates) prophesized then. Except for the rich and the ingenious who escape to private institutions and schools abroad. It would be tiring to recount the number of years that has been wasted with certainly many more to come. And how many times one is resigned to listen to tales of juniors and former primary/secondary school class mates already doing great in banking and other businesses with family additions on the way. No wonder new graduates’ family happily dash away jollof rice and chicken like common pure water to well-wishers, friends and foes, the day we old men and women are formerly inducted. Immediately after our latest examination that concluded two months after the original dates, a sense of partial elation invades one. Because with artistry and ingĂ©nue quite like Madame Pompadour’s, one can say that he has truly finished and disposed of the last papers left in the preclinical principality. And no one can thumb up his nose at the professional examination whose professionalism did indeed shake up every 300 level student. Not to put too fine a spin on it, now we can hopefully dispose of the Cunninghams, the laboratory goats- I mean coats-, dissecting sets, past questions and what-nots. And with the hazy shadow of our immediate predecessors in front, behind, dangling overhead and even sometimes underfoot, we cannot but console ourselves on the outcome of this years’ examination. Of course as with every examination, there were some discordant notes, especially towards the end, such as the search for venues, hurried on-the-spot official meetings, frayed tempers, tardiness of some students e.t.c We had also some virgin landscapes trodden as unexpected methods of presenting questions by projection were introduced newly into the whole package. And I dare say the usual norm did feature too, that is examination malpractices and other practices on the sly. As the rest of the college eagerly and collectively awaited our results , all one could have done then was to solicit prayers to God or whichever deity one believes has his hand on the mouse, and is clicking away at the outcome of things and arranging programmes to suit some grand master plan[?].Amen, Amen, Amen. To my fellow classmates, who decidedly have had some misgivings about what was written down or disbursed, they should bear in mind that we could not then with actuality have said what the gestation period was to divulge at parturition. Conditions were shaky then. But there lies consolation in the fact that one has put forward one’s best and has then prayed hard that the outcome would be favorable. To quote the words of a particularly favorite personal mantra, “QuĂ© sĂ©ra sĂ©ra, What will be will be, QuĂ© sĂ©ra sĂ©ra”. Graduation go come one day. Surely, one day….we shall overcome. An old man in School. Deola Adesanya

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