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Author Name: Alicia Daniels
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The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility as it regards companies both local and Multinational operating... (0) Comment

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Nasco Nigeria: A study in Corporate Social Responsibility
Author: Alicia Daniels | April 28, 2007

The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility as it regards companies both local and Multinational operating within the Nigeria economy is the basis for this article.

However, I take a critical look at the activities of Nasco Nigeria which operates in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

Nasco Nigeria Limited commenced operations in Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria in 1963. It is into the production of fast moving consumer goods and household goods prominent amongst which are Nasco cornflakes, Nasco Wafers, Nasco Cream Biscuits, Nasco carpets and Nova Soap etc.

Nasco Nigeria has its operating headquarters in Jos, Plateau State. It is divided into four broad categories which are Manufacturing, Marketing, Trading and Services.

Nasco Nigeria has over the years emerged to be one of the Truly Nigerian companies as showcased on the website . From humble beginnings as a manufacturer of jute bags, Nasco Nigeria has gradually emerged to be a major player in all the sectors within which it operates in the Nigerian economy.

Nasco Nigeria is responsible for the employment of thousands of Nigerian Citizens directly while the activities of its distributors are indirectly responsible for the employment of another 7,000 individuals within the Nigerian economy.

Over the years I have not come across a corporate citizen that has committed so much to the betterment of its immediate environment like Nasco Nigeria is doing.

The Company has executed a lot of community related projects which bear a strong testimony to the Nasco Nigeria brand. Prominent amongst the community help related programs carried out by Nasco Nigeria from 2006-2007 include but are not limited to:

Ø The construction of a common room for Plateau State Polytechnic in Barkin Ladi where the company spent over N5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) USD. $39,000 to create a conducive atmosphere where students can ease off stress after a hard day's job at school.

Ø The vaccination against Cerebro Spinal Meningitis of over 200,000 citizens of Plateau State living within the Anglo-Jos and Hwolshe area where Nasco Nigeria is located.

Ø Provision of overhead water tanks in major seminary missionary schools in Barkin Ladi Local Government area in Plateau State of Nigeria to ease the perennial water problems faced by students of the School. This act highlights Nasco Nigeria's belief in the importance of a sound godly mind towards the evolution of a sane society.

Ø In the last three and half decades, Nasco Nigeria has worked with and supported the yearnings of thousands of physically challenged Nigerians who are today empowered and are living rewarding and fulfilling lifestyles. One of the things Nasco Nigeria has done in this regards is the distribution of thousands of tricycles to the physically challenged to aid their movement.

Ø Adoption of the Zawan orphanage in Jos South Local Government of Plateau State of Nigeria, where Nasco Nigeria donates clothes and Nasco-produced blankets periodically while on a monthly basis it supplies the orphanage with Nasco cornflakes, Biscuits, Wafers and food items.

This article is aimed at getting other corporate citizens of Nigeria especially those operating within the mining-devastated Jos in Plateau State of Nigeria to emulate Nasco Nigeria in the area of corporate social responsibility.

My greatest wish is for most of the foreign multinationals making billions of dollars from the oil-rich Niger delta area to rise up to the challenge of Corporate Social Responsibility so that the tears of the Nigerian people living in that area can be wiped as a result of the environmental degradation their land has suffered.

Find out more about Nasco Nigeria at

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