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Nigeria: Riots in Onitsha after Hausa policeman kills a bus driver over N50. Hausas flee to Asaba
x | February 10, 2012
There were violent protests in Onitsha, Anambra state yesterday after a commercial bus driver was shot dead by a policeman for refusing to pay a N50 bribe... (19) Comment



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sanyfavour    onitsha, Nigeria    January 15, 2014
This is too bad,just because of a mere N50,a policeman lost lives of people. A Nigerian police is for peace,security n order in the nation is this the way they are ensuring peace n security of the citizen. For me is intentional n he must face trial for murdering innocent citizens,he should suffer for what he did
Adamu sambo    Yobe, Nigeria    February 28, 2012
d ppl wey dey kil igbos in north not a only ctzn of nrth dat ppl r 4rm CAN no 1 can kil igbo real
EBA    LONDON, ENGLAND    February 17, 2012
That shows how our so call leaders and the police made Nigeria to be place of which you will not be able to trust the police with your life. if a police man can kill for N50 that indicates our police is rotting from the head to the lowest rank.this is not the matter of Hausa, Ibo or tribes the police man knows he will get away with anything as long as he can give enough return to his superior. we all know justice in Nigeria is whom you know, the police man should be killed
Pat Akanbi    Lagos, Nigeria    February 14, 2012
The Hausa police should be killed in the present of the Igbos in Anambra state. The hausa has finish the Igbos in the north now right in the east. He should be killed, he could even be one of the Boko haram
Elugwe    Owerri, Nigeria    February 11, 2012
First of all, my condolences to the family of the Bus driver. May his soul rest in peace. Nigerian government and its Police Force should be made to adequately compensate the family of the deceased to the amount that will force the government to look inward and act like a human institution. Can the IG of Police or any official of the government explain to Nigerians the purpose of Police check point in every nuke and corner of Nigeria. Additionally, the government should publicly proclaim if the toll/dues/bribery or whatever is official, if so how much should be paid. They cannot claim ignorance, the public deserve to know.
OBJ    Houston, USA    February 11, 2012
If you did not read the original posting, read this. Thanks.

Open letter to the Nigerian leaders - Author: OBJ | December 05, 2011
I just returned from my trip to Nigeria and my second in the last six months. What I saw during both trips are very disheartening and a national shame. At my arrival at Port Harcourt airport what I saw was very embarrassing. The environment is very dirty and the conveyor is still the same one from the 1980âs and of course completely worn out. The restroom/lavatory are very dirty, dilapidated, and smells worst than rotten eggs, and no tissue paper.
Click to read the rest of the article

Admin note: Link to article was added instead, to reduce the length of the comment.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    February 10, 2012
Our problem in Nigeria resembles that of a hole; the more you take out of it the bigger it becomes. I commend Mr. Ralph Nwazurike for his peaceful posture in this situation. The Nigeria Police should act fast to mitigate further spread of anger. God save Nigeria.
Ifeanyi    ,     February 10, 2012
I think d igbos should b alowed 2 take revenge on d over dis ugly incidence, kilin a man in his own teritory,
Nnadi Vincent    enugu, Nigeria    February 10, 2012
this is not d first, second,neither is it the third tym we're experiencing dis kind of event..i wonder wat will be d fate of dis country if the police who are entrusted wit the responsibility of protecting d citizens turn out 2 be their most dreaded predator..i think this matter shouldnt be taken lightly cuz i've witness a similar incident wen my kinsman was shot dead becos of dsame 50naira Bribe and after everything, d policeman went scot free..and the policemen keep carryin out this babaric wicked acts bcos they're motivated by d outcome in past cases..
Godswill Emeka    lagos, Nigeria    February 10, 2012
Its bad here in our house but lets be slow in anger lets watch and see what the police will do.
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