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"..we are not the best material but God knows why he chose us.." - Nigeria's President Jonathan
x | April 17, 2012
Speaking at a breakfast prayer meeting, in the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, with Christian leaders from around Nigeria, President Goodluck... (9) Comment



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Solomon Chukwuocha    Victoria Island,Lagos, Nigeria    April 20, 2012
Mr President sir, U have spoken like a man with the heart of flesh,pls endeavour to act that way in dealing with our beloved country. I strongly believe in ur optimism and wish u great strides in office. This country belongs to all of us, the poor, rich and abject poor.

Pls try and see how to build the middle class society again. God bless u.
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    April 19, 2012
There goes Jonathan again with his "God this-God that" sentiments. Sebi I told you some time ago not to use God's name in vain; you no dey hear word.

If God can do all of these things (and I believe He can), why do we elect people to lead us? We should all just “sidon and be looking”, and wait for God to build roads, hospitals, cars, and airplanes or to provide food, water shelter, electricity, etc. Please leave God alone and let God do His own part, which is beyond our imagination and/or understanding; it's called divine.

God has finished with His creations - earth, heavens, plants and animals, water, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and reactions, to support and sustain life. God has set up a system of which we are part. We cannot mess with that system, no matter what we do or who we are.

All living things will die. Can you imagine if human beings don't die and allowed to perpetuate their wickedness forever? Death of human beings is what gives us hope of change, whether for good or bad.

And God doesn't act swiftly enough to punish us for our sins. I have come to the conclusion in my observation of human activities that the fear of death is what makes most of us to worship God. We think we "are deceiving God" with our praise of Him, while we go around cheating and stealing.

If only God would punish sinners or criminals severely with serious pain or suffering or with death, as soon as we do something bad, or commit a crime or injustice against another, or steal, we would have been good people.

And since nobody has died and come back to tell us how heaven or hell really is, it is only a figment. So, for now, “I go do whatever I want to do that I can get away with (since God no go come down to punish me right away); I go chop your dollar; I go enjoy myself, and also set up my children and family lineage to enjoy themselves after I am long gone, and then suffer the consequences later wherever that place may be.”

Believe me, man fears another man more than he fears God when it comes to being punished for crimes. Do you know why? It is because man's judgment or punishment is usually swift - gbosa-gbosa, no room for tomorrow. Man doesn’t wait for you to die and go to heaven or hell for your punishment; your punishment is right here on earth.

And I believe that’s how God planned it; you can forget that crap about going to heaven or hell.
This system of checks and balances is very complex and imperfect. We all have good and bad in each one of us. Good and bad people will be checking the behavior of good and bad people; how does that work then? Please don’t ask me; I am only human. It may sound like a dog chasing its tail, but it works somehow.

The bottom line is human laws, not Gods laws, are what we need to checkmate human excesses. Only lazy minds will always invoke God’s name every time he faces a problem or wants to solve it, rather than roll up his sleeves and work hard to design a solution.

So, Jonathan, we know you are not the best person available for the job; we also know God did not chose you guys because God will not chose thieves and regressive elements to lead a nation. We know you guys collectively do not have what it takes to transform Nigeria; no signs that you are even trying.

Nothing works in Nigeria; nothing. I can now be referred to as an old man, and I have waited and hoped all my life to see any improvement in my country Nigeria since oyinbo man left us, but all I have is melancholy.

The rot in our nation is unprecedented and unimaginable. Now, I am resigned to believe that only something totally different from the norm, something cataclysmic, must take place in Nigeria for us to see the much needed change. No one is expecting Utopia.
Samuel olalere    Phortharcot, Nigeria    April 18, 2012
That is the right thing God wiii show his mercy upon nigeria let our president keep his word God wiii heip hih
omoekun    Moreno Valley, California, USA    April 18, 2012
Thank you and God bless you Mr. T. Adam. Your comments hit the nail right on the head. The President and the rest of his aministration need to search their hearts and concience if any of them have at all that if it is God that put them there, they will not be looting the country resources as they have and still doing.
T. Adam    London, UK    April 17, 2012
God did not choose you and your league of petty thieves and common criminals. God cannot hate Nigeria that much to visit such punishment on its people by imposing upon them such a godless, heartless and unscrupulous set of looters. God is not found in such company - even as mysterious as His ways can be. Next, you will be saying it is the Devil that has made it impossible for you to deliver on your lying promises to the people.

Please, stop the corruption in God's Name.
Kehinde Fajana    Ise Ekiti, Nigeria    April 15, 2012
Because you are humble enough to accept that you may not be the best for the job, the lord will support ypu, the chosen one, jost be focused and bring back a vibrant middle class.
R Moore    Johannesburg, South Africa    April 15, 2012
That is an amazing commitment underpinned by faith and trust in Almighty God. As the President says "with God nothing is impossible"!
Amen and amen
wumbei zakari    Tamale, Ghana    April 15, 2012
That is a good step for Nigeria. I suggest the President finds time to meet muslim clerics too with the same message.All regions travel to the same HEAVEN, the house of God.
Nasiru saleh    Abuja, Nigeria    April 14, 2012
Just another jamboree
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