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Federal government of Nigeria to offer scholarships to 100 first class graduates for further studies overseas
x | January 02, 2015
The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to sponsor 100 first class graduates for further studies overseas. The minister of Education, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau... (5) Comment



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BABA JOEL    BRADFORD, UK    January 31, 2015
This is a great opportunity, if you are given, please make use of it. That is what happens around the world. They take care of their first class students. God bless Nigeria.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Eldoret, KENYA    January 08, 2015
The issue is not much of where these first class graduates go for pos-graduate studies. Rather it is the first limited jobs available at home that will keep them overseas. To make the exercise meaningful, there is the need to create an environment friendly industry policies. If industries are thriving, the doctoral degrees holders will have places to absorb them. Then, they will be eager to put all their knowledgebase into practice.
God save Nigeria.
James Udo Kalu    Port Harcourt, Nigeria    January 06, 2015
The Mission, GET THE BEST BLACK BRAIN, is a welcome development in this time of Global competition. This effort will further prove that black is not blank. However, this is my humble caution, as we start showcasing our endowment, lest guard against braindrain. More of human investment of this kind, which indeed is positive re-inforcement.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Eldoret, KENYA    January 06, 2015
Brain drain is inevitable. Where are the industries to absorb well qualified Nigerians at home? The problem is compounded by dying industries, the new debt burden of over $9 billions with excess of N1 trillion in annual debt servicing, the looting of the treasury by the present regime including members of the National Assembly, the falling crude oil price which will worsen foreign reserves, taste for imported goods which will worsen balance of payments, political tensions, insecurity, etc.
But all the above still do not make the initiative wrong.

The initiative is good. It will benefit some lucky Nigerians. And if they work overseas, they will still be able to send some of their income back home to help their families, build houses or make investments.
God save Nigeria.
Danladi    Abuja, Nigeria    January 06, 2015
This also underscores the state of graduate study in Nigeria. IF we send all the First Class abroad, then the local universities get the rest and the quality keeps going down the tube. Great that the government is doing this, but it would be greater if it can improve access and quality of graduate study in Nigeria.
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