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26 things you did not know about Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari
x | April 02, 2015

On March 31, 2015, Muhammadu Buhari was elected as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on his fouth attempt to become a democratically elected... (1) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    April 02, 2015
Welcome on board again, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB – Great Man Buhari)). My spirit is high and I feel joy inside of me that the wind of change is blowing across Nigeria. It shall be well with you and you shall not fail.

However, there is a lot of work for you to do, Sir; so much work to do. I am not a religious person but I'll say God will see you through and help you to succeed. But God only helps those who help themselves. Nigeria needs a lot of human help and God’s divine intervention (GDI). God has done His part now by defeating the incumbent for the first time in our history. It’s now left for us, humans, to do our part.

Nigeria’s problems are largely foundational. Nigeria’s foundation is a shaken and shaking foundation. Your main task or job, at least for the first term, is to begin to repair that foundation. There is a lot of work to be done in this aspect. Since you are no more a military ruler, I am not sure if your War Against Indiscipline will work this time around. We must learn to crawl and walk first, before we run. It is “Surulere”,(meaning, patience has its rewards) first before “Olorunsogo” (meaning God has given us glory).

Unfortunately, the American system of government that Nigeria practices now is not one that will allow you to perform at your best because that system allows imbeciles and non-progressives to have the opportunity to have their ways and hold us back. It also allows our contemptible ways of life and mentality to proliferate.

I have a lot to write about and will continue to do so as we move along. My first advice to you is that you must surround yourself with positive-thinking, progressive, and incorruptible people. You must remove all those entrenched deeply corrupt heads in all government agencies and parastatals. There are a few Nigerians out there that you can place in these agencies who will not disappoint you. Let them know that if they fail, there is prison there for them.

Think about our Judiciary and the Nigerian Police Force. Those are the two key areas that make our laws ineffective and make some people believe that they are above the law. You must dismantle the NPF as it is today. The NPF is archaic and is not working.

We need to move forward and we should not fear to create something new or copy a system that we know works. Let the States have their own police forces. There will still be a federal police system that will still be into crimes committed across state lines or for federal offenses, like the FBI.

In short, Nigeria needs to move forward. You can as well be the founding father of a new Nigeria. Your name shall remain indelible in the history of our nation as a leader who defied all odds and created a new beginning.
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