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President Goodluck Jonathan will contest the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria - Edwin Clark
| May 28, 2012
In an interview to mark his 85th birthday, Chief Edwin Clark, a prominent Ijaw leader, gave his thoughts on the resolution by the Northern Governors̢۪ Forum of Nigeria, NGFN, that the Presidency should return to northern Nigeria in 2015 and that they will not support any presidential candidate from the southern part of Nigeria in 2015. Edwin Clark, said President Goodluck Jonathan , through section 137 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, has the constitutional right to seek a second term in office, saying, "I am not aware whether he made any commitment to contest for only one term to Nigerians which is irrelevant at the moment. Personal promises cannot override the constitution of Nigeria". He wondered why President Goodluck Jonathan's case should be different saying, "Former President Shagari contested the presidential election in 1979 and won and in 1983, he contested for the second term in office before he was ousted by the military, led by General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd). "Also, former President Olusegun Obasanjo contested for the presidential election in 1999 and won and later contested for the second term in office in 2003 and won" "Jonathan is a Nigerian. Nigerians voted for him beyond religious and cultural differences. What we should be asking is that he should perform as President in office. If he performs well, the same Nigerians should vote for him as he has another term". In his address titled, "My 85th Birthday Message to Boko Haram is Peace", spoke about the Boko Haram insurgency and said that some politicians must be blamed as masterminds of the insurgency. He also said, "these attacks challenge the very foundation of our unity as a nation. They strike at the root of our democracy, challenge our settled ways of life, our purpose and everything that we stand for" "Nigeria belongs to all of us, not to a select few and we cannot allow a few group or persons to condemn our country to the dangers of terrorism and threaten our very existence. Open and honest dialogue is the solution to any grievance whether real or imagined. There is no misunderstanding or grievance that dialogue cannot resolve". He also criticised ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo for saying that most of the lawmakers in Nigeria's state and national assemblies are rogues and thieves. He said that Obasanjo should be the last person to call people corrupt since he never demonstrated a good example on corruption while in office. Edwin Clark also said, "he never showed good example. What was he in 1999 when he assumed office and today, he is one of the wealthiest in this country? Presidents build their libraries when they leave office. Look at his investment at the library, look at his investment at Transcorp. What was he in 1999?"

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funmi    ,     June 09, 2012
sori, but wat exactly does GEJ want 4rm nigerians..cos i cnt c wat es doin..wat is happenin to d NIGERIA AIRWAYS PENSION...people r dyn, and al es doin is change d names of universities..dt might b a gud thn, but pls, dr r more important thns on ground.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 04, 2012
If Mr. Jonathan is not ashamed that the issue of second term crops up just after one year in office, I think that his supporters should. Fertilizer distribution is not synonymous with food production just as power generation has not matched power distribution.

The country's external reserves is dwindling and government intends to borrow about $8 billion to finance importation / foreign payments, local debt is mounting and goverment intends to print N2000 & N5000 and release them into circulation (yet the same government has started e-banking pilot schemes), many companies are folding up or making yearly losses and even banks are now laying off staff (yet government talks of over 7% growth in GDP from imaginary sources), all roads are in despicable conditions, unemployment rate gallops year on year, five months after fuel subsidy palliatives were promised nothing has happened, etc. If Mr. Jonathan has laid any foundation in the last one year, common sense should dictate that Nigerians are allowed to enjoy the dividends before rather than keep vigil over rhetorics. God save Nigeria.
Victoria OKEKE    Abuja, Nigeria    June 01, 2012
We are in digital-age mr president has the right to contest just like any other citizen,youths that are digital-age compactible,we need a country free from nepotism,and i look forward where our leaders will involve the youths fully in governance as this will help the nation build individuals that will serve as instruments for economic and social transformation of Nigeria,when social and economic democracy is done we will achieve political democracy.the youths are set and ready to build a united and cohesive people that will provide the platform for good governance.

if any you are still living in cynicism wake up and support the people in authority. Let us achieve a better tomorrow
naija_conscience    Lagos,     May 29, 2012
Clerk is in order. Jonathan has only spent 1/4 of his first term so cannot be judged to have underperformed, Some of his achievements are as follows:
Availability of fuel, improvement of airports (people of S/E surprise me for not stressing this point emphatically since for Owerri and Enugu it is first time since civil war), fertilizer distribution to farmers is more efficient eliminating corrupt meddle men, the cassava initiative and local rice production are on point, PHCN is due for privatization this October, the SWF is good if governors will permit, federal roads are being tackled even though I prefer focusing on maximum of 20 roads in 4 years instead of the numerous. Clearing time at the ports is being improved upon with reduction of agencies and single window for clearing. The insecurity adduced to BH is not simple to handle since politics is involved not just poverty as most people posit. An incumbent normally should run for 2nd term and if defeated so be it. In 4 years however, I believe that the power reforms will have had effect. My only concern is that Nigerians are not ready to bite the bullet once, swallow the bitter pill to get better. E.g. increase in electricity tarrifs, complete deregulation of the oil and gas sector (much more drastic than removal of subsidies with its attendant corruption).
zakaria malua    plateau, nigeria    May 26, 2012
EDWIN Spoke for himself and his community, let his demi god contest is a free will but he shouldnt forget to reserve a good apartment for his son and in addition Home-coming concert after the election.
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