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Kaduna state governor, former national security advisor and four others killed in a helicopter crash
| December 17, 2012
The governor of Kaduna state, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, a former chief security adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Owoye Azazi, and four others were killed when a helicopter operated by the Nigerian navy crashed around Nembe in Bayelsa state around 3:30 pm Nigerian time today, Saturday Dec. 15, 2012.

They were returning to Port Harcourt from the burial ceremony of Pa Douglas, the late father of Mr Oronto Douglas, a special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan.

The National Emergency Management Agency was deployed to the scene, but say that the search and rescue operation has been completed. An official of the agency said, "The operation led to the recovery of the bodies of the six passengers on board the helicopter and the bodies have been deposited in the mortuary."

President Goodluck Jonathan released a statement where he announced the deaths and expressed "utter shock and sadness" at their deaths. President Jonathan has also ordered an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

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Kunle Oyewo    Kaduna, Nigeria    December 23, 2012
After all the emotional outbursts, I think serious questions must be addressed.

Who authorized the use of military aircraft to be used as air taxi by civilians? Given the experience level of the crew, when was their last proficiency checks (if any)?

Was the drive for brown envelopes the over bearing fact for frequency of the flights (15 Trips)? When was the last time the crew had any nourishment?

Was the aircraft over weight? Was the crew compelled to fly due to military order? Did the crew decide to dump the aircraft, rather than try to save it ( 30 % casualty is allowed in every military endevour)?
Philip kaankuka    plateau, nigeria    December 16, 2012
RIP sir! God knows better!
Haaa again! Security strength in nigeria........ O ma se o. The governor of Kaduna state, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, a former chief security adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Owoye Azazi, now your turn. But who is next? MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH FORGIVE YOU.
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