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Results of the governorship election in Anambra State were postponed because the results were inconclusive - INEC
| November 20, 2013
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has explained why it postponed the declaration of the results of last weeks governorship election in Anambra State. The commission said that the results were inconclusive since none of the political parties and candidates met the requirement to be declared the winner. The requirements state that to be declared the winner of an election, a candidate has to win a majority of the votes cast or get a 25 per cent of the votes in two-thirds of the local councils. The Returning officer at the election said, “We observed that during the election, there were a lot of cancelled votes. The total number of cancelled votes was 113,113. “We looked at the difference between the candidate with the highest number of votes (All Progressives Grand Alliance - APGA) and the runner-up (People’s Democratic Party - PDP) and decided that for the election and the highest majority to be acceptable, it must be greater than the number of cancelled votes.” He added that there had been allegations of irregularities, such as eligible registered voters being prevented from voting, during the election and so INEC could not declare a winner. He continued saying, said: “The collation officers have written their reports stating why the election results were cancelled in those areas. We have the reports that also contain information on the various polling units; but for now, Ayamelum had election results cancelled in three polling units, and the number of registered voters affected there was 1,247. “Anambra East had election results cancelled in one polling unit with 250 registered voters. Anambra West had election results in six polling units cancelled with 2,000 voters. Aniocha had election results in one polling unit cancelled with 276 registered voters. “Awka North had election results in two polling units cancelled with 1,366 registered voters. Aguata had election results in one polling unit cancelled with 310 registered voters. Awka South had election results in one polling unit cancelled with 249 registered voters. "Ekwusigo had 10 polling units cancelled with 884 registered voters. Then Idemili North had 160 polling units cancelled with 89,997 registered voters." “Idemili South had election results in one polling unit cancelled with 636 registered voters. Nnewi South had two polling units cancelled with 376 registered voters. Onitsha North had election results in one polling unit affected with 184 registered voters. “Onitsha South had election results in 17 polling units cancelled with 12,279 registered voters. Orumba North had election results in four polling units cancelled with 588 registered voters and Oyi had election results in four polling units cancelled with 1,202 registered voters.” "In some cases, we heard that officers were prevented from conducting the election and people were chased away from the polling station. In some cases, results were snatched, and were beaten up and some thugs took the boxes to a different location. “And with all that, nobody could accept such results, and that’s why they were cancelled. So, we cannot return the winner in this election. We can’t ask for a re-run but a supplementary election where election results were cancelled.” “The election is inconclusive also because the total number of votes cancelled is greater than the difference between votes received by the highest scorer and the runner-up.”

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Michael    Lagos, Nigeria    November 21, 2013
Am not an igbo but i like transparency and free and fair election to avoid another round of argument. The issue of supplimentry election is not clear to me and i don't think its ideal in this situation because it will also flawed everything.

Let INEC conduct another election in Anambra which is re-run election to know the true winner and d true choice of the state. Since INEC boss has admitted that their is conspiracy in the election then everything has flawed.
Any political party can win an election but let it be free and fair.

If APGA knows its popular in Anambra den lets conduct another re-run with everybody watch it and let the people choose their next governor. To me i don't believe in any supplimentry of inconclusive election its another way of fraud. Since Inec has admitted dat his men (Inec Returning Officer) compromised then d whole election must be cancelled and do re-run for interest of the Anambrarian and nigeria as a whole and whole world should watch the re-run carefully and must be free and fair. that's my stand, thank you.
bisiriyu olawale    OYO TOWN, NIGERIA    November 21, 2013
Though am not an igbo guy as my colleague said ealier, i sopport the motion of re-run for free & fair election in oder to avoid conflict in the societies, so "INEC" do something about it thanks.
Mr Alex Onyi    ,     November 21, 2013
The election is free and fair so u people should stop make nonsense Comments what do u mean? cancel the election after announcing it for the first. if u don't know what to say please short up your mount
smart    ,     November 20, 2013
I am not a member of any party in Anambra state duo is my state. I strongly believe in what is good, I have not heard about supplementary election before so I call on INEC to repeat what they did in 2012 election which total cancellation of Anambra state election to avoid complications. This issue of supplementary election will repeat itself during 2015 election. INEC should re-run Anambra state election for the interest of peace.
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