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"Are we now like Nigeria.....?" - President Mugabe of Zimbabwe asks Zimbabweans and sets off a diplomatic row.
| April 11, 2014
"Are we now like Nigeria where you have to reach into your pocket to get anything done?" - With those words, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe set off strong condemnation from Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs who summoned the Zimbabwean charge d’affaires in Nigeria to lodge a strong protest against the statement and called President Mugabe's comments "vitriolic and denigrating". The ministry also told the charge d’affaires, “We want to present the strongest protest to that statement. Not only does it not reflect the reality in our country, but to come from the sitting president of a brotherly country, we thought it was most unkind and dishonourable. “We take the strongest objection to it, we protest it in the strongest terms, for its factual inaccuracy and the unfriendly attitude it conveys of the president towards Nigeria and Nigerians. This attack must stop for the good of our two countries.” Mr Mugabe had made the statement while criticising corruption in Zimbabwe at an event marking his 90th birthday. He made the statement despite the fact that Transparency International listed Zimbabwe as more corrupt than Nigeria in its 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index. In 2013, Nigeria was ranked 144th and Zimbabwe was ranked 157th out of 175 countries.

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goodchilds    johaannesbourg, southafrica    April 20, 2014
i wonder why the government is angered by mugabe s statement,if the government feels insulted then let them change their ways
mohd buzu    kano, nigeria    April 12, 2014
We should stop chasing our tail in nigeria. We as nigerians know thst what President Mugabe of Zimbabwe said is the gospel truth of the nigerian situation today. We should sit up and do something about it instesd of crying wolf.
effiong asanam    uyo, nigeria    April 12, 2014
The man is a fool to say that, are zimbabwe not worst than nigeria and to u mohd buzu y are we Nigerians not always happy with any good ratings of our country instead we enjoy and encourage been rated as bad or the worst
bonza    lagos, nigeria    April 12, 2014
Buzu your region are the most corrupt in this nation. Infact they started corruption in this great country and ruined the economy with their laziness and felt government money na my money syndrome.

By the way when Mugabe was running with his tail between his leg yo Nigeria seeking help to fight the whites in his country, didn't he know he was coming to collect corruption largesse from Nigeria. These are bloody infrared for God sake. This is a case of pot calling kettle black and both are on fire cooking under fire. That was an idiotic statement from the most wicked leader in Africa.

What has he done to for Zimbos in almost 40 years of despotic rule. Mugabe remove the spec in your eyes before the log on nigerias' eye please.
just like dat    kaduna, nigeria    April 12, 2014
Is the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe lying?...... food for thought to all nigerians.
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