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Top 6 side business ideas to start from home in Nigeria
| February 16, 2016

Recently, retrenchment has become the scariest word ever as far as an employee in Nigeria is concerned. Everyone seems to be complaining about how difficult life has become with the harsh economy. The fact is that the "jobless" and the “jobful” are all complaining bitterly. Somehow, everyone has woken up to the reality of having a side business as the basic monthly salary is not just enough and since complaining would not add a naira note to the little or nothing left after settling bills, there is no point sitting or standing to complain.

First things first, these businesses are side ones- something to get extra money from, of course, extra money do not fall from the sky, we work for every extra penny earned. Hence, humility on our part plays a wonderful role even as our economy seems not to be friendly.

With careful research, these are businesses you can start with little or nothing right from your home, grow into something big that you might never have dreamt of and would keep you focused and healthy.

1. Dinner preparation:

No, I am not talking about preparing dinner for your family members which is usually free but about preparing dinner for families who are too busy to cook especially dinner for themselves and you get paid. This does not mean you are a house maid or a steward. You are only rendering services to these families that need to eat something nice, natural and really home-made. If you especially enjoy the kitchen so much, you can make cool cash from this business when you even have more than one family to make dinner for. Tell a friend to tell a friend and there you go. With proper planning, you can turn your business into a successful one.

2. Tutoring:

Teachers are very important around the world and here in Nigeria, they are as important. With the dwindling economy, parents even want more for their children as they want them to become educated and earn a living. Advertise your skill as a personal tutor, get a child/client, then do your job and see referrals coming in and as more as you get, the more the pay. As a part-time job, it could be done over the weekends and this business practically keeps you up to date and more knowledgeable.

3. Sales of cosmetic products:

Really these can be carried in your hand bags wherever you are. These products should be affordable and of great quality since these are reasons why the ladies would want to buy and refer people to you. Items like the lipsticks, concealer, foundation, brow pencils or fillers, eye liners and more are very handy and can be introduced anywhere even in the bus. Oh yes, you must be smart enough not to sell on credit to customers who are strangers, friends and relatives who would not want to pay. Make your family and friends realize that you are serious about what you do and they will get serious with you by paying up as soon as they buy.

4. Make-up artistry:

The truth is when you attend parties, you see a lot of pretty faces and that is because a lot of work has been done on those faces to get them prettier. Every lady wants to look pretty every day. You can perfect your skill, go to parties with your own face looking so pretty, in fact make the ladies ask you who got you all made up, tell them who did it and introduce yourself properly as a make-up artist. You can also do this with the “gele” tying. My younger sister would wear denim and a shirt, then tie a beautiful “gele” on her head to gain attention from guests and she definitely gets it. They ask her who tied her “gele”, she greets and tell them who did it and you see all the ladies around her getting theirs tied and each one tied comes with a fee. Every time, she tells me, “how I love Saturdays”. Well, you can love Saturdays too not because of attending parties but because of the cash you’ll make from attending parties. Get creative, get extra money.

5. Event decoration:

We all cannot deny the fact that these days, it is all about the “owanbe” parties. From Facebook to Instagram and all the social media you can think of, we get to see beautiful pictures and you begin to wonder the person behind all the decorations. Yes, you can be. If you are someone who likes classy and colorful things, you should learn event decoration. It pays. Even when the month is yet to end for the “alert” to come in, you are okay and able to pay bills when it comes up.

6. Making of Cakes:

Talking about cakes makes me want some. Is there anyone who does not like cakes? Cakes are beautiful, sweet in taste and smell, interesting to look at and praises are always showered on the human behind the cake. One robust idea is baking of cakes for sale. You can bake some cupcakes, sell to friends or supply a school where they would be bought by children and even teachers. On a larger scale, learn your craft well, advertise on social media, tell your friends or you can even make a free wedding cake for a friend, relative or colleague who is getting married and someone might get interested in your cake and ask about who did that beautiful cake and yes, your first job is here and with your job well done, watch referrals coming in and the extra cash piling up.


There are a lot of things to do aside your job that can fetch you extra income. Get creative. Remember that there are a lot of business ideas out there that can fetch you more than extra because they will cater for your needs and foot bills that you may never have done with just that basic salary.

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