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How to Have a Very Special Valentine's Day - What to do, Where to go.
| February 13, 2017

Yaaay! So guys, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and of course, we all are super excited about this.  The big question is:

What is Valentine?

Over the years, people have several perceptions about what valentine really represents. St. Valentine’s Day, as we know, contains traces of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.  Some give accounts of Valentine as a saint who served during the third century in Rome and was eventually martyred as a result of his refusal to stop wedding soldiers who, according to the Emperor Claudius 11, were better fighters when single than married. He secretly performed marriage for young lovers. Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape Roman prisons where they were being tortured under harsh circumstances. He was later imprisoned and sent his first letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he had a crush on, addressing it as “from your Valentine’.

We can all agree that Valentine’s Day is no doubt, a day of love, romance and affection. It is described as “lover’s day’. A day that each person spends with someone that is special in their life. 

Here are some ideas to spice up Valentine’s Day for you and that special person in your life. As a special day, you would want to make it memorable and create lasting impressions.  You don’t necessarily have to empty your wallet or purse to make it as special as you want it to be: paying attention to the little things that truly matter and adding a spice of spontaneity should do the trick. These tips should make your day a “one-of-a-kind’ experience.

1.Dining Out

Being the regular “home-made meal lover’’, you might want to try something different this time around. How about going to a restaurant, just a table for two kind of date, in a serene environment, a lovely ambience that sets the mood right for a romantic date night. You could step things up by making a special order of your partner’s favorite songs. You could also opt for a cocktail. Red wine is a classic romantic drink as well, you might just make an order for one. Then savor the finger-licking delicacies in the menu. Now is also the time to explore meals too.

Here are some nice restaurants in Lagos to visit. Sheraton Hotels, Yellow Chilli, Jevinik Restaurant, Viceroy Restaurant, Ocean Basket.


Taking that trip to a new place would be an exciting way to celebrate the Vals day. Book a trip to that nearby town or a cheap flight to that country you’ve always desired. Pack along some stuffs for fun like cool games, songs and not forgetting your camera to capture nice spots and create fond memories. Consider booking a hotel for the night. Take a trip to several fun activities you both can enjoy. Meet new people, try doing things differently.

Here are some choice travel destinations:  

3.Watch a Movie

You could spend some quality time together by watching a romantic movie or heading out to the cinema to see a movie. Try putting her into consideration by choosing a movie that she likes, that way she’d know how much you mean to her and appreciate you a lot better.

Here are a list of cinemas:

4.Visit a Spa

This is another soothing way of spending the Valentine’s Day. Get an amazing and relaxing spa treatment. Give yourselves a spa treat.  Pamper your skin in the most relaxing a soothing manner. Indulge in various spa treatments like body massages, facials, manicure and pedicure, body rejuvenation, detox baths and the list goes on. It’s surely a treat you both will not forget in a hurry.

5.Think outside the box

Do something extraordinary, something out of the “norm”, turn on your spontaneity. Write a love note to your partner. This will awaken that spark in your relationship. Send a bottle of wine wrapped with a red ribbon across to him. Send movie tickets to his office and guess where the address is? Your house! Trust me, he won’t see this coming and he won’t forget this in a long time. Here are few places you could purchase your bottle(s) of wine: Rosdin Wine Express, Grandicantina Wines and Spirits, The Wine house Lounge, Grand Oak, Matt Faith, Helmascom, Wines and Gold Services, Wines et al, Ma Quilas . You can get movie tickets here

6.Spend Quality Time With Your Partner.

Now this is just a moment for both of you. If you have kids, you could send them off to your friend’s or parents or send them to bed a little early. If you have a baby, you could leave him/her in the care of a baby sitter. This is a time for you to bond with your partner. Reflect on precious moments together. Light up the room with roses and scented candles to set a romantic ambience. Play a soft music in the background. You can start up with a back rub, followed by a romantic dance, real nice and slow. This is surely a memorable way to wrap up the Valentine’s Day. *wInks*. Here are a list of places where you can get a few accessories to spice up things - Pretty Fabulous Flowers, Scented Candles.

NB: Start now to prepare, don’t wait till the D-day.

7.Don’t forget to Dress for it

Wearing something new and something your partner loves will spice up the day. For a lady, wear a dress, wear a silky or a curve hugging dress made of velvet or a nice and comfortable material. For a guy, wear a nice well-tailored suit and an open collared shirt or a cooperate outfit. Consider a sexy lingerie called edible lingerie. Sheer panties or boxer briefs, thigh highs, a garter belt, a thong, or a bustier are perfect ideas for the special night.  

Here are a few places:
















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