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Exciting vacation spots and attractions in Nigeria



Exciting vacation spots and attractions in Nigeria


Nigeria has lots of natural and man-made attractions that offer you and your family the opportunity to spend your vacation in a serene environment with all the peace, quiet and fun that you’ve always craved. You get time to bond with your family and forming lasting memories.

If you plan to visit these locations from outside Nigeria, you will want to get cheap flights to Nigeria online or by contacting a travel agent. If you need a visa, you can get a visa to Nigeria by visiting a visa agent or the nearest Nigerian embassy.

Here are some choice locations and attractions for that dream family vacation in Nigeria.

Most international flights to Nigeria land in Lagos or Abuja with a few going to Enugu, Kano and you can travel from these airports to airports close to the locations below using the domestic airlines or you can rent a car with a driver to travel by road.

You can also find affordable hotels near the locations you plan to visit or you can stay at the locations that offer accommodation.

Obudu Mountain Resort

 Obudu cattle ranch

Formerly known as Obudu cattle ranch, the Obudu mountain resort is a popular tourist location in Nigeria. It is located on the Obudu plateau in Cross river state which is 1576 metres above sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountains.  The resort is a six hour drive from Calabar, the state capital and an 8 hour drive from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Getting here could involve traveling by air from one of the international airports to Calabar and then travelling by road.

Obudu cattle ranch offers a very serene environment and is one of the top tourist destinations in Nigera. Cable cars that run across the property offer breath-taking views of the mountains. Other attractions in the resort such hiking, water park, grotto and canopy walk

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

la campagne tropicana

A 65 acre private beach resort situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by the freshwaters of Ikegun Lake. It is located in Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Local Govt. Area of Lagos State. It is about a two hour drive from the Lagos International airport and about an hour’s drive from Victoria Island in Lagos. It offers a mix of natural environments which include a fresh water lake, a mangrove forest, a savannah, sandy beach

The resort offers fully furnished chalets and African-themed villas that make it fun and relaxing for families. Activities you can enjoy at the resort include canoeing, hiking, hunting, horse riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling and ocean water fishing.

Tinapa Business Resort

    Tinapa Business Resort

Tinapa Business Resort is located in Calabar, Cross River State near the Calabar Free trade zone. It has many attractions for you and your family such as the water park (pools for adults and children, water games, and water slides), children’s arcade, movie cinema for the movie buffs, and the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can sit and walk by the artificial lake or a quick boat trip across the lake.

Yankari National Park


Yankari National Park is located in the South-Eastern part of Bauchi state and features an animal reserve and park. It is a large wildlife park with about 50 different species of animals and  also has the largest herd of elephants in West Africa. It was created as a game reserve in 1956 and was designated as Nigeria’s largest national park in 1991.  It used to be one of the most popular destination for tourists in Nigeria however, recent violence in the area has discouraged tourists from the park

The Park also features four warm water springs including the Wiki warm spring whose spring water forms a pool of crystal-clear water. The “Wikki Camp”, located about 42 kilometres from the main entrance gate, is the tourist part of the park. Best time to visit the park is between February and late April. 

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

The Ikogosi Warm Springs resort is located in Ikogosi, a small town in the western part of Ekiti State. The resort is close to the Ikogosi Warm Springs which have a warm spring and a cold spring flowing side by side.  Folklore has it that the warm and cold water were wives of a man and the warm water was the troublesome wife while the cold spring was the gentle and peace-loving wife. 

The resort features well-furnished and expansive rooms, airport pick up service and swimming pool

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