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Why You Should Advertise With Us
  • Brand Leadership
    One of the most recognized Nigerian brands on the Internet, NgEX! is committed to maintaining its position as the "preferred online destination for information, tools and resources about Nigeria".

  • Rich Content
    NgEX! offers the highest quality of Nigeria-related news, information, entertainment, sports, financial and recreational content on the internet. Our focus on original and rapidly updated content is highly desired by our visitors and advertisers.

  • Targeted Audience
    The NgEX! audience is an advertiser's dream. Through NgEX! advertisers are able to reach the largest population of Africans that spans the globe. The targeted audience is typically well educated and family-oriented. (Most Nigerians in the diaspora have earned 2 or more degrees)

  • Effectiveness as an Advertising Vehicle
    With NgEX! advertisers and marketers are able to cost-effectively reach their target audience. - Whether your marketing objectives are to introduce a new product or service, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your Web site or generate transactions, NgEX! will help you achieve them.

  • Technology
    Our unobtrusive use of leading edge technology to deliver highly desirable products and services and intuitive site navigation are part of our appeal. And has made NgEX! a preferred destination for viewing and researching Nigeria-related information on the Internet.

  • Customer Satisfaction Focus
    This is our obsession. Prompt, courteous and personalised service combined with On-time and high quality delivery to commitments.

Let NgEX! develop a solution for you!.

How Do I Place an Ad?
Find out more about advertising on NgEX!. Please send email to

Please be sure to include:

  • A Contact Name
  • Your Company Name (if applicable)
  • Telephone Number, and
  • email Address

A member of the NgEX! Customer Care and Satisfaction Team will get in touch with you promptly.

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NgEX! Unveils Internet Presence Package for SMEs

Advertising Options

Search Engine Placement
Page Sponsorships
Descriptive Webpage

(See Details Below)
Search Engine Placement

The team that manages the proprietary search engine on NgEX! reviews every submission for relevance to a Nigerian audience before it is included. With a Search Engine Premium Placement Request (SEPPRTM), you can ensure your listing appears within the Top 5 spots when certain keywords (you provide) are entered. As an example, the keyword Travel has been purchased by TraveLink Vacation Rental Co. and returns their Premium Placement as number 1 out of 78 current listings in that category.
Please Contact us for details

Banners & Buttons

NgEX! strategy supports delivery of all industry standard size banners and buttons. In the case of buttons, we will also work on development of non standard sizes to suit your program needs. You can supply your own artwork or, for a nominal charge, work with our artists and designers to develop your graphics.

Standard Sizes
Standard Banner - 468x60 pixels
Vertical Banner - 120 x 240 pxls
Square Button - 125 x125 pxls
Mini Button I - 120 X 90 pxls
Mini Button II - 120 x 60 pxls
Micro Button - 88 x 31 Pxls
Please contact us for details
Page/Channel Sponsorship

This means you have EXCLUSIVE banner and/or button placement rights on a specific page or channel. This strategy allows your product or service to be more specifically targeted at the audience a specific page or channel attracts. For example, a Health Spa or Fashion Boutique could choose to sponsor the Poetry Channel.
Please contact us for details

Descriptive Web Pages

This strategy allows you to display your products/service on the web and enjoy the benefits of global reach without the investment associated with a stand-alone website. View a live example here
Please contact us for details

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