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Author Name: Debbie Ogunjobi
Number of articles: 34
Last article added: Never too late!!
Restitution is a must for anyone who claims to have any integrity or good conscience!! When we err,... (4) Comment

Article Archive

Under the Sun
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | September 24, 2010
There is nothing new under the sun, somewhere back in the past someone has gone through similar situations to what we find ourselves confronting in the... (0) Comment

A Switch Life
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | September 20, 2010
Back in the days when life was simpler, socialising was a form of relaxation; parties were planned with the intention of entertainment and fun. I always... (0) Comment

The Foolishness of Threats.
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | June 01, 2009
I honestly believe the book of Proverbs is a divine manual on how to be a human being. It is not overly pious but when studied it is a refreshing change... (1) Comment

This too will pass.
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | May 01, 2009
Most people are scared of storms, I know as a child that I didn?t particularly care for thunder; I was terrified by the sound of its fury and was always... (0) Comment

The Pattern of Attraction
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | January 03, 2008
I came across an article in a psychology magazine and I was surprised as it echoed some of my amateur beliefs on attraction between the sexes! A host... (0) Comment

The Thrill of the Chase
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | November 17, 2007
The mating game is always full of intrigue; it can be difficult to tell who is truly genuine and who is just chasing for the thrill of it. I have seen... (1) Comment

We get by...
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | November 06, 2007
Life at the best of times is unpredictable. Nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan; I have always suspected that God has a rather interesting sense... (0) Comment

The Wandering Heart.
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | October 18, 2007
Emotions are a part of humanity, even animals feel it as some have been known to show affection for those who care for them! Why we feel what we feel... (0) Comment

Just a girl!!
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | October 16, 2007
I have read quite a number of books that seek to explain the nature of the different psyches of men and women. While both sexes often communicate in the... (0) Comment

Never too late!!
Author: Debbie Ogunjobi | October 16, 2007
Restitution is a must for anyone who claims to have any integrity or good conscience!! When we err, we owe a duty of making restitution; an apology is... (4) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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President Muhammadu Buhari's 2016 Budget Speech - “The Budget of Change"
December 22, 2015 | saifullahi h umar gwarzo | 1 posts
Alhamdulillah thanks to allah to help us with great leaders,Ya allah protect them and my country nageria...  Post comment »
26 things you did not know about Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari
April 02, 2015 | "Coming In From The Cold" | 1 posts
Welcome on board again, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB – Great Man Buhari)). My spirit is high and...  Post comment »
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Nigeria: The 19 Northern Governors in the Eyes of the People
August 04, 2011 |  Chioma | 1 posts
This is nothing but the truth.  Post comment »
Why Biafra may be a bad idea
May 25, 2015 |  James Udo Kalu | 1 posts
Is this "coin" having only one side? How is the other side like? May we have a look!  Post comment »
The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare
May 20, 2015 |  Don C | 1 posts
This writer is simply is ignorant as his article. He had in an attempt to appear unbiased brought Ironsi...  Post comment »
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