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Author Name: Karo E.K.D. Akamune
Number of articles: 12
Greetings! I think you are leaning to the very extreme of the far right. Please, take some steps towards... (0) Comment

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"Should we axe Pidgin English?": A Letter to a friend...
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | May 12, 2010
Greetings! I think you are leaning to the very extreme of the far right. Please, take some steps towards the left - create a balance... cool ya temper... (0) Comment

Nigerians Are Getting The Leaders They Deserve.
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | December 21, 2009
Do you think Nigerians have been getting the kind of leaders they deserve (at least, to a large extent)? You most likely have heard that Nigeria is blessed... (2) Comment

Niger-Delta Crisis: "Peace does not happen in a vacuum".
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | June 04, 2009
"Peace does not happen in a vacuum". "There's gat to be dialogue..." It is not enough to say that we should live in peace. We must also ask: "How?" "What... (0) Comment

As Our Languages Fade To Red...
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | June 03, 2009
I think what is most important is that Mr. Ekin Public passes onto the next generation: his nieces, nephews, childrenâ€Â¦ the wisdom of the ancestors... (0) Comment

The Fostering of “Science & Technology” in Nigeria - Part II
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | March 30, 2009
Let us now look at some key strategies, postures and methods our Science & Technology ministry can utilize to campaign for creativity, scientific research... (0) Comment

The Fostering of “Science & Technology” in Nigeria - Part I
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | March 16, 2009
Our beloved country, Nigeria, has so much to benefit from Science and Technology. There are lots of blessings, hidden blessings, and obvious, open blessings... (0) Comment

Get on da Sci-Tec Train!
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | May 27, 2008
Hi! Thank you so much for taking out time to watch this little video, this documentary on, “The Water Bicycle”. This project has come to pass because... (0) Comment

The "Death" poem, is it controversial?
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | February 07, 2008
At some point in my life, I began to wonder why only really, really good things are mentioned of folks at their funeral services. Regardless, of how the... (0) Comment

Overcoming All Odds.
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | September 13, 2007
Life is full of challenges. It comes with its vicissitudes, its ups and downs. “What does it take to overcome problems?” “How can I triumph over all... (2) Comment

Individual Responsibility - Part II
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | July 25, 2007
We are looking at the responsibility of each individual that is much needed as we seek to see or actualize success in every area of life; as we seek... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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President Muhammadu Buhari's 2016 Budget Speech - “The Budget of Change"
December 22, 2015 | saifullahi h umar gwarzo | 1 posts
Alhamdulillah thanks to allah to help us with great leaders,Ya allah protect them and my country nageria...  Post comment »
26 things you did not know about Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari
April 02, 2015 | "Coming In From The Cold" | 1 posts
Welcome on board again, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB – Great Man Buhari)). My spirit is high and...  Post comment »
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Nigeria: The 19 Northern Governors in the Eyes of the People
August 04, 2011 |  Chioma | 1 posts
This is nothing but the truth.  Post comment »
Why Biafra may be a bad idea
May 25, 2015 |  James Udo Kalu | 1 posts
Is this "coin" having only one side? How is the other side like? May we have a look!  Post comment »
The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare
May 20, 2015 |  Don C | 1 posts
This writer is simply is ignorant as his article. He had in an attempt to appear unbiased brought Ironsi...  Post comment »
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