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Nigeria Leadership Crises: The Paul Dike Option
Author: O.S Aniagboso | February 03, 2010
For over 70 days, the Nigerian state has been left rudderless after the president absconded to Saudi Arabia for emergency medical treatment. Since... (1) Comment



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fela    pomona, usa    February 03, 2010
this has nothing to do with the topic, just want to vent my splinn on the issue of lagos state trying to better the lot of its indigenes and the gworo crunching so called minister of works is trying to dampen the enthusiasm and work fevor of the dynamic forward thinking lagos state governor hon. Fashola, claiming the badagry express way is a federal road and shouldnt be developed by the dynamic goveror,

i tell you what, if i was fashola i will go ahead and do what i want in my state. this is no yar adua affair where supposedly incapcitated vegetable is been proped up by some nothern leaders to hang in dead or alive as president cos the likes of aondoakaa are looting and robbing the countrys treasury in day light and dearing any one to challenge them.

by the way mallam gworo crunching minister of work, you all are mostly known as do nothing officials if you are so concern on the development of nigerian roads why dont you ask your frog face former minister of works the so called aneninh what happened to the vast sum of 300 billion naira supposedly in eight years to fix nigerian roads and the roads are nothing but death traps killing hundreds of nigerians daily. the so called ministers, and commisioners should be made to drive these roads and experience the suffering the common man faces daily.

Sitting comfortably in his posh office in abuja and trying to stop the progress of a 20th century forward thinking and performing governor. shame on you. Eko o ni baje.
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