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The North Holds Nigeria Hostage As Usual
Author: Shokoloko Bangoshe | February 10, 2010
This is sad and ridiculous. I am deeply sad for my country Nigeria. How much more ridiculous can it be that one person, just because he is the President... (2) Comment



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Tosin    Warri, Nigeria    February 15, 2010
I would like to look at the situation differently. Since we like to always talk sectionalism, Let us ponder these questions.

How many southerners have copies of the constitution? How many southerners know the provisions of the constitution? A copy cost less than =N=500 (cost of three bottles of Gulder).

The average Northerner listens to debates on the constitution on radio Kaduna. We southerners should stop deluding ourselves about being educationally more advanced than the Northerners.

Let us all go get copies of the constitution and better informed.
Alaje    Abj, Nigeria    February 13, 2010
You are right in your view of the phenomenon in this country. I thread a similar line of thought the other day but could not conclude or justify the illogical decisions and actions by our 'leaders' (i.e if we as a country have any).

I just think that the North seems more proficient in diabolical means than other regions of the country, though, that's just thinking aloud, since democracy and governance in this country lean more toward demonic activities than human endeavour. or wat d u tink bros?
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