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Michael Aondoakaa, Nigeria's Former AGF, Should Be Investigated And Tried
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 14, 2010
Michael Aondoakaa since the middle of 2007 was Nigeriaâs Attorney General and Minister for Justice. It great news that with immediate effect, starting... (2) Comment



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waka-about    Texas, USA    February 16, 2010
@Tobi - I do agree with you that we should be careful not to shoot the messenger since they are only doing the will of the boss. However, in your argument you forget to state that Aonodakaa should have understod the same thing when he relentlessly chased the prosecution of Ribadu and El-Rufai...did he not know that they were only the messengers?

Also, I am not sure what court injuction he got for Goodluck - do you foget that he started off challenging all attempts to rule that Yar'Adua was AWOL? Also, if other ministers were against Akunliyi's memo, how many many statements about it.

The way I see this is same as a soldier going to war. You have to obey the orders of your superiors but you cannot blame them if you are killed, it is part of the job that you signed up for. DId Aonodakaa think that there are no consequences to his role and actions?
Tobi Ogunbayo    Abuja, Nigeria    February 15, 2010
Dear Mr. Paul, ( Re: Michael Aondoakaa, Nigeria's Former AGF, Should Be Investigated And Tried )

I read your report on Aondoakaa, and i am fascinated by the report, offcourse virtually been reported in national dailies in Nigeria. Am not in defense of Aonodakaa, but my concerns are, when he was defending Ibori and other corrupt Nigerians, the President was still on seat and nothing was done. You might need to look beyond the box before casting aspersion on Aondoakaa, why is he now been singled out, is this same Goodluck the Vice president and same government when all these happened?

On defense for the President, you dont bite the finger that feeds you, I hope you are aware of fact that the Attorney General is employed by the same president, so your opinion is that he should denounce the president without overwhelming evidence that is unable to govern? To you, Aondoakaa is bad, is he not the one that got the court injuction for Goodluck, supporting the court case to be allowed to take its course?

As i said, I am not aondoakaa's fan, but his singlehanded change of office shows vendatta on the Vice President's side. Prior to the resolution of the National assembly, Information Minister, Dora Akunyili has passed a memo in FEC meeting which got the meeting divided, is it only Aondoakaa that was against the memo, what of the
other pro- Yaradua's ministers? why are they not removed or redeployed? is he the only minister that was bad?

I will like to conclude that we need to remove prejudice when writing and in making report. Who knows what you might do if you were in same position like him. We saw how change of power took place in Thailand and other countries where people are disatisfied by the government and they took the responsibility upon themselves. Changing the Nigeria polity requires all hands on deck and not staying abroad and writing.

Thank you.
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