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Nigeria: National Assembly (NASS) Cannot Appoint An “Acting President” - 1
Author: Omotayo, J. A. | March 11, 2010
The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is very unambiguous, yet the operators at the National Assembly, the restless civil rights groups... (2) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    March 17, 2010
I like to thank Mr. Yomi for his observation. I normally would not write or criticise without having solutions in mind. But the road to the solutions in this instance seems very long and rough because of the mistakes so far made.

We shall get there in my writings, but it may take about four articles to get there.

Before I gave the solutions to banking problems in Nigeria, I first exhausted all the various mistakes already made by Mr. Soludo and his team. I am happy today that some of those things that I wrote about are coming to fruition. The uniuversal banking concept would be dropped to allow banks grow at their own paces: ward, regional, national and international levels. My writing has also provoked the sale of ariline ticket online at such costs as N5,000 to N8,000 on Lagos Abuja trip depending on the airline.

I cannot continue to list my achievements in this regard. It is much more important to recognise that errors have been made and let everybody know. That is to me a patriotic call than to gloss over it until it culminates into disasters (God forbids). Please watch out for more of my writings and made your comments and or criticisms.

God bless Nigeria.
Yomi    Chicago, USA    March 12, 2010
I read the long and detailed reasons the actions of the parliaments in Abuja were illegal but I did not read the solutions or what you felt the parliaments should have done.

Were you out of the country or at worst out of this planet when most and all emiseries to Saudi Arabia to see our ailing president failed to yield any result? Are you of the opinion that nothing should have been done why the country go into chaos?

Are you saying you were not aware or did not read news of the heavy lobying of the parliamentarians that was going on by the so called kitchen cabinent members and their cohorts? As much as I found your writing fascinating, it did not profer any solution then and now. While all the parliamentarians did was not perfect, i take side with them on that issue and my prayer is that God will give them all the courage to declare Mr president incapacitated so that the nation can move forward period.
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