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Israel Is An Outlaw And Lawless Nation, Like No Other!
Author: Paul I. Adujie | March 31, 2010
Israeli nation is currently engaged in lawless, illegal and outlawed actions. Israel has operated in this ill manner frequently, all too often and without... (3) Comment



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matthew    Lagos, Nigeria    May 30, 2010
paul, i wonder if you know that isreal owned the land they are fighting upon. isreal were scattered all over the world around A.D.70 by the romans empire from the same land. So if they are fighting they are fighting over what belonged to them initially. if it happens to the arabs, they would have done worst.

What are you saying over thousands being gruesomely murdered by these islamic fanatics on daily basis?
JOSEPH    IMO, NIGERIA    April 03, 2010
My friend, your article is quite good but you should also pray that god intervene by speaking to Isreal for a change of attitude. But let me tell you. This issue is not canal. God chose them and you cant question god's authority on israel. So be careful wen your talk in order not to offend god.

After all, the so called people they took their land which they claimed would do worst if they have opportunity. God know why things are happening this way.
Levi Farouk    Jos, Nigeria    March 31, 2010
Nothing will satisfy Israel more, than for all the Palestinians to simply disappear. The truth of the matter is that Israel can do whatever she likes and get away with it. America would not mind even if Israel should eliminate a U S President. "If you ride on the back of a tiger, you'll end up in its belly". Israel is the tiger.
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