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Homophobia in Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi And Over-sexed South Africa
Author: Paul I. Adujie | March 30, 2010
Why is it so important for Nigeria, Uganda and now, Malawi to squander public resources in the repression of homosexuals and lesbians citizens within... (1) Comment



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zaddie    RockCity, Nigeria    April 07, 2010
Despite the fact that you highlighted a lot of issues needing attention in the African experience and the fact of the duplicity, lack of focus and utter corruption of our leaders, the fact remains that the last nail in the African coffin will be the commitment to the taking of momentous steps like unbridled forays and licensing of deviant sexual practices.

ask yourself, in the Nigerian experience for example? What will an age of Sexual liberation like America witnessed in the '60's profit us? Will it grant education to our already marginalized youth or will it provide more confusion for most of their already befuddled minds, when, even graduates trek around looking for gainful employment for upwards of 8years and more after graduation? What will renewed interest in exotic orgiastic tastes give us? This is a voice from the grassroots telling you and the whole world that what we need are more roads, renewed spirit of patriotism and brotherliness amongst ourselves, more innovation and creative ingenuity to power our unique condition, more transparency and accountability from our leaders and a greater willingness even on our own path even to the point of taking up arms to make sure the Nigerian Dream is not a cankered shadow of what it ought to be.

in these parts of the world, we are less individualistic and less focussed on personal pleasure at the expense of norms, mores or good of the generality, but for the recent upsurge of corrupt, money-guzzling, idiotic leaders that we seemed to have been plagued with.

We have endured as a people and as a culture and we will only continue to do so as long we are careful about what to emulate in our western brothers.
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