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Adenuga, Fasawe, Atiku, Obasanjo and EFCC -
Author: Mobolaji E. Aluko | September 12, 2006
The unfolding events in our country vis-a-vis President Obasanjo and Vice-President Abubakar are dizzying. They require careful handling for the sake... (11) Comment



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evans ike    ,     September 19, 2006
i feel the present problem between the president and his vice should not be over heated by bill of impeachment.the truth is that their time is up and they have to go and never to come back,so the best thing to do is to let them be,is a matter of eight months and things will be sorted out by the SPECIAL GRACE OF GOD-AMEN.i feel what we should be talking about is who will take over from the present regime,to continue some of the good things they have done and try to correct the bad ones.i cannot imagine myself been the presiden t of this great nation and handing over to someone that will discontinue the gains i have made so far.i feel the economy is in a strong shape compare to 2003 when the president came in,if not for anything we have reduce our debt burden and increase our foreign reserve,i pray and hope it will be seen on the faces of all nigerian-amen.
evans ike    vienna, austria    September 19, 2006
I am not an advocate to the president but it is always good to be objective in reasoning,i know there are some people who only prefare to critize even when there is little or nothing to critize about.this is a president who told all nigeria about his intensions to buy shares and everybody is shouting,so all we wish him for having served the nation is to come out poorer like ALEX EKWUEME,forgetting that he has family to take care is time we begin to change our attitude toward public office holders.who would have known if he bought it through another person,like our past leaders.i have great respect for our president,if not for anything most of his investments are in nigeria and our people are working there,thereby reducing unemployment.what are we shouting about, who are the chairmen,directors and board members of top private or public limited companies in nigeria,our past leaders.the only thing i found disturbing is what wole soyinka said cconcerning a particular university in badagry or so which thepresident seems to have a hand in it,i feel it is wrong for him to do that while in is like giving a vote of no confidence to government owned university while he is the government.i feel it is double standard,i pray and hope he sees it in that light,i think all nigeria have to feel and pray for him to do the right is not easy to govern a complex society such as nigeria,we wish you the best of decision as you get to end of your tenure and smiles within your retirement.
Kunle Adekoya    Escravos, Delta State, Nigeria    September 19, 2006
Candidly speaking, the president should be given kudos for having the courage to bring the issue of the curption to the senate. He that live in glass house does not throw stone. For the President to decide to throw stone, it shows he is actually living in a glass house.
evans ike    vienna, austria    September 18, 2006
I think what is happening today in nigeria is more of a blessing that curse,the most important thing now is who will be our next leader come 2007.onething is true atiku cannot be our president,IBB,is out of it, so things are narrowing down.i think the south east and the south-south should be given a chance to produce the next president , the two zone can reach a compromise to produce one person that will be aceptable to all nigerians for the intreast unity,justice and fairness.onething that looks funny in nigeria polity is the way some of our leaders tend to put in policies to suit their intreast.they talk about federal character,quota system when they are at disadvantage position and they tend to be more nigerian when it comes to leadership by saying it can come from any where even when some zone had it for only six months and another not even a second.i think it is time to stop this type of double standard for the intreast peace,unity and fair play.
Millian    Abj, Nigeria    September 18, 2006
OBJ and ATIKU should resign, go to EFCC and refund nigerians money. Majority of Nigerians wallow in abject poverty while the leaders are spending our money on "ashawo" heard one is even gay. Well God will vindicate them all
chong Lim    , Australia    September 17, 2006
It is very sad that a relatively good place gets branded as a pit of corruption,usury,
and thieving scumbags because of a certain element . Quite obviously there would be no hope of rehabilitation as regards these persons although the police etc try very hard to do something about it, because there is money involved the public are not very supportive of their efforts.
Toyin Adeniyi    PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS, Nigeria    September 16, 2006
Based on EFCC investigations and Atiku Comments, it shows that PDP as a ruling party is a calamity to our great nation called Nigeria.
Larry Adeseha.    Columbus, Ohio, USA    September 13, 2006
From the chronology of events about this issue, one does not need to be rocket scientist before you know that the actors including the Vice President - Atiku manipulated the situation for their personal interest. It is only an idiot that will believe the defence of Atiku by his friends and political cohorts. There is no spoke without fire. If Atiku can do this as a Vice President, imagine what he will do with Nigerian resources if he should become the president. It is sad and unfortunate.
Big B    NY, USA    September 13, 2006
Work is exceptionally good of its kind.
But keep in mind that this event is not unique or new; this has been done all over the world and will continue.
It is not acceptable, but I hate to admit that it's part of life in many societies. Moreover, it is important to consider this event as one side of the story till the other side releases theirs
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