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Re: As Atikuís Court Battle Enters a Denouement.
Author: Mohammed Ali Jnr | February 20, 2008
Any reader of the article by Umaru Abdullahi entitled ďAs Atikuís Court Battle Enters a Denouement,Ē (Leadership February 14, 2008 P8) and (The Nation... (1) Comment



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HENRY    DALLAS, USA/NIGERIA    February 25, 2008
Having read your article, I stand to comment that lots of thinf went wrong in the concluded presidential election. Like, I have always maintained, all the parties that participated at the election played foul, hence, let no man call another foul.

As far as where the ballot papers were printed, or who awarded contract to whom and when; we all would know, if the tribunal actually invites the printing company from south Africa and cross examine their facts. Time has gone, when, the media speaks the truth. Nowadays, politicians own the media and newspapers and ofcourse, they write what they are told.

I would still stand to defend, Mr Iwu unless , I see some undue facts tomorrow. In as much as there were some iregularities in the polls, I think that those to blame are the candidates that fuelled the unrest and massive corruption, and not Iwu.

I can recall that except for Yar'dua the then governor, all the other candidates were pouring fuel to the already heated polity in the form of name calling, letting out sensitive information capable of causing unrest.

I will fold my arms and watch as things unfold in Nigeria, after all the same spoilers are still taking their spoil of Nigeria treasuries.
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