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The opening line allegedly was made by General Yakubu Gowon in the height of the first oil boom of... (0) Comment

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Missive From My Unborn child
Author: Wakdok,Samuel Stephen | November 03, 2009

I was excited reading your epistle, though it epistle was written in English language I was able to read it here for in our world were God prepares us for earth; we speak the language of love which is universal. I will be bringing a billion watts of love along because from the pitch of your letter, your world will do better with more love. We live here as a community of souls but we have already been assigned our countries of birth since our God is omniscient. When I got your letter, I informed my fellow Nigerians-in-formation about the state of the nation in Nigeria. Many of us were not surprised about the events in Nigeria because we have heard some ex-Nigerians lamenting especially the great Gani, who just transited. Though the news of our would-be-country is not so cheering we have resolved not to be discouraged. While the unborn babies going to other countries are learning how to drive cars and fly planes, we were advised to learn how to pedal bicycles and paddle canoes because of the deplorable condition of Nigerian roads and the fatality our nations air space. The planned deregulation of the petroleum sector we learned will also make the products dearer and out of reach. Our mates going to Brazil are cultivating more sugarcane to boost the drive for the development of their bio fuel industry. Those going to Japan have been lectured in efficient management of scarce resources and those going to China are being drilled in construction engineering. Even the brothers going to the Middle East are undergoing courses in peace and conflict resolution. I met a sister going to Ghana, she is happy with her courses in Petroleum optimization and environmental protection because her would be country was worried that their newly discovered oil would be wasted like Nigeria's. My friends going to Indonesia are experimenting on the various techniques of managing earthquakes and minimizing the effects on their environment and people while all those going to America, Germany, France and Britain have undergone elective courses in the economic recovery and reconstruction. However those of us coming to Nigeria are still trying to grasp the effects of the recent teachers̢۪ strike, however we managed to organize ourselves to train in tactics. We got a specialist in camouflaging and concealment who is teaching us how to evade kidnappers and ritualists. We are also worried about the high infant mortality rates in Nigeria therefore we have arranged to borrow torch lights manufactured by our South Korean Friends to provide alternative light for the midwives in the eventuality of a black out in the labour room on our delivery dates. As a family of proud Nigerians to be, we had an audience with God and asked him why the Nigeria condition is this deplorable. He was kind to explain to us how much He loves Nigeria and Nigerians which made him to cause the highest concentration of quality resources both natural and human in Nigeria. Unfortunately the people chose to mismanage these resources he placed at their disposal. Nigeria has been imprisoned by the mafia of greed he lamented, leaving the general populace to wallow in squalor. We understand the predicament faced by your generation. We asked God to have a little more patience with our country of destination and also begged him to give the people a change of heart and attitude. We asked for a genuine breed of leaders to steer the country through this turbulence and transform the land to an El Dorado. I felt your pulse while reading your letter and I can tell how bitter most Nigerians have become. The religious and ethnic gulf is growing daily and I was even told how people now look for accommodation according to religious divide. There are Christian areas and Muslim areas especially in kaduna and Jos, not to talk of the core North. Does it mean I can not live in the same neighborhood and play with my Muslim friends Abdallah and Zuwera when we come to Nigeria? Here we are of different races, cultures, religions and tribes and I will be hurt to if I am denied the choice of my friends due to such segregations. We are interceding on behalf of our country of destination and we know God is ever faithful. It may take a while but definitely the storm will be over. We can't wait to come and join hands with you to build a thriving nation because we know that the grace of God will surely be possible but with the co-operation of men. We cannot afford to allow things to keep falling apart, we really need the centre to hold but until we come please keep holding the forte. Powered By Credo World- Media. stcredoworld at

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