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Author Name: Emmanuel Ashiedu
Number of articles: 1
Last article added: The Media; Living without me!
Our body is incomplete without the head and we become lifeless if we lose it. I tried living without... (0) Comment

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The Media; Living without me!
Author: Emmanuel Ashiedu | December 08, 2009

Our body is incomplete without the head and we become lifeless if we lose it. I tried living without mine and it was hell for me. I refer to the media as the head, while the society will be referred to as the body. No doubt, the media has played a very important role in our society; it’s one of the most powerful agents of socialization today and no one can do without avoiding any of the powerful army of media agents, which are TV, radio, Internet, magazines, movies, iPods, signs, newspapers, music, computers, billboards, cameras, logos, advertising, PDAs, and a host of others. All of these affect our lives in the same basic way, but with some significant differences. I did the impossible by staying away from the army of media agents listed above for a whole day, well, I tried and was successful but my experience resulted in making me feel I was living without me. In the early hours of Sunday, 29th of November, 2009 as I thought through the issue of staying completely away from the media’s army, I kept returning to two fundamental questions that I set for myself before the D-day. First, how and why am I doing this? And second, if I successfully sail through, will I continue to live without them? I had given this issue a great deal of thought before setting out and I was ready for the outcome because it’s a one in a life time experience. On the first issue, how and why am I doing this? Well, if not for the assignment, I wouldn’t have thought about it but with a major in communications, I realized that the experience will be worthwhile. The day started like every other Sunday, I did all I was supposed to do as regard to my chores, I already had my mobile phone switched off at midnight so I wasn’t bothered checking for missed calls or text messages. I was almost preparing for church service when I realized that I would come in contact with an army, so I changed my mind and went back to bed. Still dressed in my Sunday attire, I laid in bed like a baby waiting on his mother for breastfeeding. I was paranoid because I couldn’t check my email, read or watch the news and open any of the mails I received. Hours past, still in bed, I raffled with the second issue, if I successfully sail through, will I continue to live without them? Never! I concluded that my life revolved around this army and any attempt again to stay away from them will result to a paranoia activity. The only time I got up from bed was to get food, this I did once. I successfully stayed away from the media and waited patiently for midnight so I could get back to my normal life. That day was wasted to me because I basically achieved nothing.

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