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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

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Kitchen Cabinet Can Only Dare A Yeye Republic
Author: Farouk Martins | February 04, 2010

There was a highlife song by Kenny Tone that the world is not bad, it is the people in it that make it so. The same can be said about Nigeria and those who turn a God blessed Country into Yeye Republic. Many of us who have poured venoms on certain Northern cliques that decide who rules us may have lumped good people with them, and missed the real target of our anger. A few Middle Belters, as usual, are also conspicuous here. Going by their obstinate stance, this handful of people wants us to believe that the sick President, who is hoping for good health, would rather hold onto power at any price tag than his life. Opportunistic infectors are scrambling to lodge themselves inside chaos to juggle or prolong a power vacuum. Most are usually the old recycled vultures that failed us miserably in the past. Their mission by threat; will divide a group of eminent leaders. As demonstrated by former presidents and leaders’ calls to allow peaceful transition, this is not the Northern cabals always blamed for the ills of our Nation. It is a group of Nigerians who always use the grace of many, especially the silent majority, to advance their personal agenda. They have defied any reasonable counsel and would rather see the Nation in darkness than retreat from their evil gluttonous ways. Beware of what you pray for. Those who think we have too much problems throwing up their hands waiting for God to come down and rescue us may be shocked. Ridiculed by local and international community, our silent majority must wake up very quick. Lately, Nigeria has shown so much of its rear side externally. The sleeping giant of Africa has a hard time waving off tiny ants pestering both ends, as the fish rots from the head. Who takes care of an elephant without a tail or a head in the midst of ants or flies? If signs from all indications are right, this kitchen cabinet that clings to power as if the health of the man they surround is not paramount, care very little about him. It is not about the President, it is about the same greed and corruption that every country in the world knows is bringing this Country to its knees. We cannot blame the action of the very few at the mantle of power on any region or ethnic group. Some say: Sure right! It is not the first time a clique claiming to represent the interest of Nigeria’s rulers will be exposed as toothless. A former president repulsed an agreement asking for special posts in the government at the expense of the other parts of the Country, without any grumble from talikawa they represented. They are now threatening military coup. They have to be careful since the terrain has changed. The Army hands are full already trying to contain MEND, OPC, Bokassi Boys, religious fanatics and others. They have enough. We have a history of inviting egoistic soldiers who were trained to shoot their way into power if certain cabals cannot get their way. They claim they are in power in the interest of a region because they know Nigeria better than anyone and in the best position to protect minorities from their neighbors. We now have a situation where all reasonable people from all regions and the minorities within are calling the cabinet to do the right thing and hand over. But kitchen cabinet is bent on exploiting the cynicism between us. Some of the financials of coup d’état in our Country have fallen on their on their swords. The same Frankenstein they created consumed them. As for the chronic and prominent coup plotters, they were adequately contained by Abacha and Obasanjo regimes. None of them came out of their shadows until the demise of Abacha. OBJ also cut their tails by denying them the opportunity to succeed him or selling their oil blocks to foreigners. It is one cold day in hell if individual greed and ego will let all of them fit in their old club. Only fools would want all the militias in the same cause fighting the Nigerian Army left, right and center with the support of the people. Coup d’état is outdated in Nigeria at least. The causalities and the battle grounds are too much to bear on both sides. The old soldiers that never die will quench. So vultures in the cabinet you may realize you are on your own, and before you know it, surrounded by patriots who want their Country back. Their old posturing and campaign of mobilizing the poor and the hungry for once in a lifetime opportunity to get a bag of rice or gari will fail because the march for Abacha stigmatized many Nigerians today and Obasanjo’s Third Term failed with all the money bags that circulated both houses. Nigerians may have grown sick and tired of these old tricks and players are running out of ideas on how to subjugate the silent majority again. Nigerians must be vigilant. It is not enough to hand over to Jonathan as those closest to him from the same region would undermine him for their pound of flesh, especially those who think they are more deserving of his position. None of them are saints, but in demand for transparency, the obvious precedents of the borrowed constitution must be followed according to the common sense use of the language. A day in hospital under less debilitating disease calls for brief transfer of power. We only go to court when the language is ambiguous. In Nigeria, kitchen cabinet would love to make it so by katakata. Neither we nor foreign governments know who to call for decisive consultation, as Head of State. In spite of our problems at home, every Nigerian President even when despised by outsiders, have been respected and handled with care because of our place in Africa. We are being ridiculed and at the same time despised because we do not know whether to move forward, backwards or sideway. The Country, at the mercy of a kitchen cabinet looking out for selfish gains, is almost at a standstill as they go on spending spree. Moreover, people born with royal blood, silver spoon, governors, top military echelons and politicians with conscience all over the Country like never before are demanding punishment for those who got a country, flowing with milk and honey into such a sorry state in the first instance. While contemplating their punishment, a few vultures without representation are still holding us back from realizing our potentials. Yeye dey boom! Farouk Martins Aresa

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