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Author Name: Chuks U Okereke
Number of articles: 8
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Anambra Governorship Election - Another Opportunity About To Waste
Author: Chuks U Okereke | February 05, 2010

In just a few days, the Anambra State gubernatorial election will be history or more appropriately part of our dark history. Even as we are going down, I mean literally down, in history, I canât help but highlight the hollowness and ineptness of our self ascribing Nigerian leadership in this whole election process. As is customary before an election, the INEC âbig shotâ and powerless elections boss, Prof. Maurice Iwu recently had his political photo ops with the Chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC, Senator Isiaka Adeleke. It was another display of ignorance and wanton disregard of the political rights of the Nigerian people as a whole and the Anambra State indigenes in particular. The senator, supposedly an elections think-tank by our Nigerian standard, offered his advice to the INEC boss. According to the Chairman, the Anambra State gubernatorial election is a fore-play of the General Elections in 2011 and should not be allowed to fail. In his own words INEC should cancel elections âwhere violence is recorded during the Saturdayâs governorship elections in Anambra State.â Well said Mr. Senate Chairman. In other words, INEC should plan for failure. Thatâs his recipe for success? Rather than provide leadership to forestall the breakdown of law and order during the election, letâs disenfranchise the people? Rather than kill the fly on the glass panel with a swatter, letâs kill it with a sledge hammer? If my candidate is losing in any particular constituency, get a few hoodlums to simulate violence and out the window goes the voting rights of an innocent majority? Please! Heâs got to do better than that â after all, heâs a guru in Nigeria political elections. No pun intended. Mr. Senate Chairman also said that âany official caught conniving with anybody to commit any fraud or any form of violence should face stiff penalties; such persons should be brought to book.â What exactly does that mean? How does that deter any officials from âconniving with anybodyâ given the lack of leadership in persecuting perpetrators in the past? Nigerian political leadership ought to be gagged from making loose cannon statements that encourage evil perpetrators rather than rim them in. If Senator Adeleke truly believes that the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election is pivotal to the success of the 2011 general elections, he needs to come up with a more practical advice to the already spineless commission, INEC. He shouldnât just seat in his ivory tower, fold your hands and wait for something to go wrong so he can disenfranchise and punish some good meaning citizens for his lack of leadership. Mr. Senate Chairman thinks that violence might erupt during the Anambra State governorship election. You know, he might be right. He thinks that the Anambra State election is a fore-play to the general elections in 2011. Again, I hand him that, he might be right. He thinks some INEC officials might connive with undesirable elements to derail and rig the election. Once again, he might be right. But, one doesnât need a crystal ball to know all those. Every Nigerian already knows that any or all of those could happen in any given election. Mr. Senate Chairman and the rest of the inept Nigerian leadership need to go beyond every Nigerian and provide leadership NOW to ensure the success of the Anambra State governorship election by securing the state throughout the election period for starters. That way they can learn from their mistakes and make the 2011 general election a better election than the Anambra State governorship election. Imagine the possibility of securing the entire country even if only during the general elections of 2011! I know that sounds like a tiny, little step given that Nigerian leadership bites in BIG chunks, BIG chunks that they canât swallow â unless itâs a chunk from the National Treasury. But like the saying goes, âa journey of 1000 miles begins with a step.â If they can secure Anambra State for a day, theyâll have the recipe to secure the country for a day during the 2011 General Elections. If theyâre able to secure the country for a day during the 2011 General Elections, theyâll have the recipe to secure it for a week, then a month, then a year and so forth. Thatâs what visionary leaders all over the world do. Why canât they? Thatâs how countries all over the world make progress. Why canât we?

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In every all, we Anambrarian need good renovation especially in some rural area like nando in anambra east L.G.A. No road, no electricity, no water supply to mention but few.
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