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Author Name: Chuks U Okereke
Number of articles: 8
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Nigeria: Yar’Adua – Healthy, Back in Abuja and fit to Govern!
Author: Chuks U Okereke | February 09, 2010

Thereâs news making internet rounds that YarâAdua is about to finally relinquish power with âundue delayâ. Donât hold your breath. YarâAduaâs political hangers-on have been known to say anything to buy more time. The President is said to be suffering from pericarditis â a deadly and paralyzing condition in which the pericardium (the tissue surrounding the heart) becomes inflamed. Iâm just a civil engineer with no medical background, so what the heck is pericarditis? Thanks to a brisk internet research â I found out that pericarditis is a condition that leads to atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation in turn, leads to blood clot and stroke. What? Thatâs some serious stuff! Now, if the presidentâs advisers could agree to that about the condition of his health, then like they say, âhand wey holâ am strong well, well.â When pressures were publicly mounted for the first time on the issue of YarâAduaâs unexplained AWOL, YarâAduaâs hangers-on, in collaboration with other inept and corrupt poli-thiefer, circulated an âofficialâ statement stating that the President was well and had been released by his Saudi doctors, and that he was on his way home to Nigeria! I hope you didnât hold your breath on that because itâs 30 days and counting from the date of that statement, and the President is still finding his way home â I guess. Thereâs no doubt that YarâAdua is physiologically sick, completely incapacitated and unable to govern. Yet those charlatan hangers-on insist otherwise. As his conspicuous absence lingers, more and more people who had earlier dismissed as opposition propaganda the news reports by some mainstream media that YarâAdua was either dead or completely paralyzed, are beginning to have a change of mind by the dozen. Under normal conditions, I want to believe that YarâAdua is a reasonable man. That heâs not a vicious, power grabbing maniac like his fellow Nigerian politicians (you have nothing on me â I have my poker face on). Now if thatâs the case, his failure to adhere to a simple constitutional requirements that can be met on a piece of toilet paper on his way out of the country on November 23, 2009, tells me he must had been, to a reasonable extent, incapacitated and disoriented when he left Naijaland. Then a couple of days after the presidentâs disappearance, from nowhere and without prompting, the Nigerian public was let in on a secret by the PDP-led propaganda machine: Our beloved Baba Go-slow was suffering from pericarditis! No biggie, right? Wrong! My better sense of judgment tells me that they agreed to a âlesser charge.â Pericarditis is either half the story or a complete hogwash. With the ever mounting political tension in the country, one would think that a fit YarâAdua would either speak directly to the country or find his way home so as to arrest the rumors that heâs dead, paralyzed or under house arrest by the Saudis. Rather, his absence screams a reverberating echo through the power vacuum this continued absence creates. Iâve never been on the side of the argument that Nigeriaâs political woes will play themselves out. That weâll all wake up one bright sunny morning to a brand new, politically healthy Nigeria, but it does keep hope alive that we still have whistle blowers of the caliber of the Information Minister. That the Information Minister, Dora Akunyili could break ranks with her colleague to admit that YarâAdua was no longer fit to govern the country is applaudable. It was like a thunder before a well deserved rain â a sign of hope after a harsh drought. Like, Socrates, the great Greek philosopher of old, âI knew that the rain would come after the thunder.â So I waited for the ârainâ after Akunyiliâs admission. I didnât have to wait for long. Abba Aji, the special presidential adviser on Legislative Affairs, informed the press and the whole world within hours that he, I mean YarâAdua will be writing a letter with âundue delayâ to the Senate. In the letter YarâAdua will inform the Senate that heâs on medical leave, paving the way for his Vice to assume office and hopefully fill the power vacuum. Not quite the rain I had hoped for but itâll do for now. There, right out of the horseâs mouth and I use that word literally, YarâAdua is well enough to write a letter! I know all along that Abba Aji, I mean the President, is a reasonable man. After YarâAdua âwritesâ his letter to the Senate, if he ever does, maybe we can all go back to the business of trying to fix our broken country. It will not surprise me one bit if the letter informs the Senate that YarâAdua is healthy, back in Abuja and fit to govern â but still technically in Saudi Arabia. We might even hear the argument that if the President can write a letter, then he can govern. Who can argue with that? Mr. President, Iâm not one of your high priced special presidential advisers, but for whatever itâs worth, Iâm going to offer you a couple of patriotic advises anyway. First, for your sake and that of your family I pray that you put your priorities right: take care of yourself and get well soon. Second, for the sake of our potentially great nation Nigeria, please relinquish power immediately. Leaders have come and gone but Nigeria, with all its imperfections, has persevered.

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Ahmad Kano    Kano, Nigeria    February 10, 2010
is a rumour meant to destablise, nothing else.
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